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1-10 (With A Touch of 11) is an unreleased demo album by Residents, Uninc. with The Mysterious N. Senada,[1] recorded around 1973.

Excerpts from this recording were first released on the pREServed reissue of The Residents' 1974 debut album Meet The Residents in early 2018. Richard Anderson of Cherry Red Records has said that the complete tape is being actively considered for release in the near future as part of a series of mail-order vinyl releases.[2]


Previously unknown publicly prior to the release of the pREServed edition of The Residents' debut album Meet The Residents in 2018, 1-10 (With A Touch of 11) consists of presumably at least ten parts, of which only six (parts 1 and 4 through 8) have been released. The liner notes for this release give very little further context in regards to the recording.

The tape consists of the group either jamming with the German avant-garde composer and music theorist N. Senada, or performing one of his compositions.[1]

Further details about the recording history or context behind this seemingly improvised suite are not presently known, though Richard Anderson from Cherry Red Records has said that the full recording is "really a complete album" in and of itself.[1]


At present only parts 1 and 4 through 8 of 1-10 (With A Touch of 11) are available, having first been released on the 2018 pREServed expanded edition of the group's debut album Meet The Residents.

The complete 1-10 (With A Touch of 11) tape is one of a number of studio recordings which are likely for release in a series of limited edition mail order vinyl compilations in the near future.[2] As of December 2020, no dates have yet been confirmed for any release.

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