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13th Anniversary Show - Ritz NY - Jan 16, 1986 is a digital only live album by The Residents featuring Snakefinger.


Following the successful 'Eyeball Show' performances in October of 1985, Ralph Records funded a leg of US of the show, this version of the show, which ran throughout December 1985 to February of 1986, was retitled The 13th Anniversary Show.

This particular live album was recorded on January 16th, 1986 by The Residents, who had plugged their cassette player into the soundboard. The master-tapes are therefore low quality, and in some places are un-listenable, which is why Lizard Lady is not included. The show was attended by Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono.

It is the earliest recording of the post-eyeball show version of the 13th Anniversary Show.

Track Listing

  1. Duck Stab Songs (11:44)
    1. Semolina
    2. Hello Skinny
    3. Constantinople
  2. Jailhouse Rock Plus (12:16)
    1. Jailhouse Rock
    2. Where Is She?
    3. Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers
    4. Picnic In The Jungle
  3. Smelly Tongues Plus (17:14)
    1. Smelly Tongues
    2. Eloise
    3. Ship's A Goin' Down
    4. Success
    5. Torniquet Of Roses
    6. I Got Rhythm
    7. Passing The Bottle
    8. Monkey & Bunny
    9. Theme From An American TV Show
  4. Man's World (5:28)
  5. Walter Westinghouse (8:15)
  6. Commercial Suite (11:46)
    1. Easter Woman
    2. Amber
    3. Red Rider
    4. Die In Terror
    5. The Coming Of The Crow
    6. Eva's Warning
  7. The Big Bubble Salute (11:47)
    1. The Big Bubble
    2. Hop A Little
    3. Cry For The Fire

Liner Notes

This is from January 16th, 1986. It was originally recorded on a cassette directly from the front of house mixing board. It is not the entire show. However... it is about 74 minutes of the show - some of the show was not recorded or was technically inferior. The cassette quality is surprisingly good, you probably wouldn't have known if I had not said it was a cassette. Snakefinger is on-fire. First of two sold-out nights at the Ritz in New York. In the audience are Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono. After seeing this performance Mr. Warhol proclaims The Residents as his favorite band. You might need this.


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