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18-20 Sycamore Street, San Francisco, California is a three-storey building which was rented by Residents, Uninc. in 1972, following their move to San Francisco from their apartment in San Mateo.

A former print-works with a completely open ground floor, the building was large enough to act simultaneously as a recording studio, art and design studio, film soundstage, record label headquarters, and living space for several people. During this time, the building was nicknamed El Ralpho, in honor of the group's then-newly founded record label Ralph Records.

Prior to the group moving into the premises, it had been used as a dog photography studio (which had also produced some pornography on the side). When they moved in, the building was still full of photographs of dogs; one Polaroid photograph found in the building inspired Residents, Uninc.'s debut EP Santa Dog.

The Residents and Ralph Records remained in the Sycamore Street studio until July 1976, when they moved into an even larger office and studio space at 444 Grove Street.


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