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1997: The Missing Year - The Original Disfigured Night Arrangement is a download-only EP by The Residents, featuring demo material for their Disfigured Night performance project, recorded in early 1997.

The EP was released on the Robot Selling Device in 2009, as part of the 1997: The Missing Year series of digital-only releases. More demos from these sessions were released on another instalment in the series, 1997: The Missing Year - Scattered Unfinished Music Sketches.


The 16 minute EP features material recorded in 1997 as sketches for what eventually became the group's Disfigured Night live show. The demo was split into three parts for its digital release on the Robot Selling Device in 2009, as part of the group's 1997: The Missing Year series.

In 2016 the demo was released on CD with excerpts from the rest of the Missing Year series, as a compilation album simply entitled Disfigured Night.

Track listing

  1. Original Disfigured Night 1 (6:10)
  2. Original Disfigured Night 2 (4:36)
  3. Original Disfigured Night 3 (5:08)

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