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The Residents: A Sight For Sore Eyes, Vol. 1 is a limited edition coffee table book by Aaron Tanner, focusing on the work of The Residents from The Warner Bros. Album in 1970 to The Uncle Sam Mole Show in 1983. The book, the first in an anticipated series of three books focusing on the art and history of the group, was released on January 7th 2022 by Indiana publishing house Melodic Virtue.

The book is being sold in two editions; the standard edition includes a 7" single featuring a previously unreleased Not Available-era outtake, "Nobody's Nos" (in a limited run of 1500 copies), and the deluxe edition features a 7" x 7" Duck Stab!Buster & Glen Notebook, containing lyrics and notes kept by The Residents during throughout late 1977-1978, and "Nobody's Nos" on a 7" picture disc (limited to 500 copies).

A small number of copies of the standard edition were distributed in Europe by Psychofon Records.



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