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"Aircraft Damage" is a song by Arf & Omega with The Singing Lawnchairs, produced by Residents, Uninc. for inclusion in the Vileness Fats film project and released on the Santa Dog EP in 1972.

In Vileness Fats, it is a chant invoking Weescoosa, the mystical Indian princess, to appear and rescue the town of Vileness Flats from an attack by the Bell Boys.

It has since been reissued a number of times on various compilations, including ERA B474 in 2012 and Greatest Hiss in 2013.

Lyrics Edit

Arf & Omega: Weescoosa! Weescoosa!
Arf: New Mexico delivers --
Arf & Omega: Weescoosa!
Omega: But the message must be anyway;
Arf: Adenauer's gilded flower's towered over me for years,
Omega: But now I need a new excuse;
Arf & Omega: Weescoosa! Weescoosa! Weescoosa knows the way!
Arf: She'll free that tree strewn river gravy --
Omega: Rushin' down the animal death knoll stream;
Arf & Omega: Feeding mouths with wings of trouts and wheeling trays of peppered snouts
Arf: To inside civil eyed horny totin' baking pies;
Omega: Eyes are big for what they wait.
Arf: They stand on backs too weak for stakes
Omega: The game will have to change before the effervescence is real.
Arf: And I don't even care!
Omega: Oh boy! Hamburgers... Mayonnaise... Mustard... Kicking cats and Vileness Fats 
for caviar --
Arf: Do you ever?
Omega: Do you ever --
Arf & Omega: Wonder who you are?
Omega: Well, kick a cat --
Arf: Kick a cat --
Arf & Omega: Kick a cat today!
Omega: Fish are dumb --
Arf: Pluck an eye from one!
Arf & Omega: Kick a cat, kick a cat, kick a cat today; fish are dumb, pluck an eye 
from one!
The Singing Lawnchairs: 
Kick a cat
Kick a cat today
Kick a cat
Kick a cat today
Weescoosa knows the way...

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