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"Another Land" is a four part suite from The Residents' 1981 concept album, Mark of the Mole; the first part in the group's Mole Trilogy (1981-1985).

Consisting of four parts, "Rumors", "Arrival", "Deployment" and "Saturation", the suite tells of the Moles arriving in the city of the Chubs and immediately being exploited and disregarded by the Chubs.

The suite


Chub Woman: I heard a rumor from the east
That Pit Moles' battles with the beast
Have left them mindless and sick,
That west is where, their fingers say,
Are new found sites that give them something to cling to.
The rumors have them coming here
Believing life is not so harsh.
2nd Chub Woman: Life not so harsh, indeed.
A hundred thousand refugees?
Chub Man: The Pit Moles are coming, I heard just today;
Our problems with labor have just been done away with.
The Pit Moles will work hard and we'll barely pay;
So eager to get work, they'll do things just the way we want.
The Pit Moles are thrifty, their Gods reassure
That poverty's blissful; they like being destitute.




Chub: Need work?
Need work?
Sign here. Sign here.


Chub: Sorry! That's all we need now;
Sorry! That's all we need.
No... No... No more work now.
The rest of you please leave.


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