"Aphids In The Hall" is a 7" EP by Schwump, with musical backing and production by The Residents, released in 1976 on Ralph Records.

It was the first release of a musical artist other than The Residents on Ralph, and led the way for other avant-garde or obscure musicians to sign to the label later in the 1970s.

History Edit

Schwump (or Barry Schwam) had come to The Residents' attention earlier in the 1970s, when he was a DJ in Portland, Oregon who was known for his broadcast of an all-toad opera. Schwump had been writing and performing songs on his radio show and recording with only drums and a kazoo in his attic for some time already. He was introduced to the group early in their career by mutual friend, KBOO-FM DJ Bill Reinhardt.

In 1976 The Residents and Schwump recorded a number of tracks which would finally result in the release of "Aphids In The Hall" in September. As well as the B-side "You're A Martian/Home", The Residents also recorded at least two more tracks with Schwump, "Singer Of Sad Songs" and "Devil Makin' Whoopee", during these sessions which have never seen official release.

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The release of the single was limited - Schwump claims that circumstances prevented him from signing the contract, others have said that Schwump was concerned about piracy of the single.

After this point, Schwump promptly fell out of touch with The Residents until the early 1990s when he reached out to the band by sending in the mail card included in his personal copy of "Aphids In The Hall".

The single had long never been available following its original pressing, though the tracks were re-recorded and released by Schwump in 2001. It was finally reissued forty-two years after its initial release, in 2018 as a 7" vinyl pressing on Psychofon Records.

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  1. Aphids In The Hall (Schwump) (3:23)
  2. You're A Martian/Home (Schwump) (2:38)

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