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This recording was not intended for release. THEY HATE IT!!!

Assorted Secrets is a compilation by The Residents, originally released only on cassette on Ralph Records in 1984, and later reissued on CD as a numbered limited edition in 2000.

Consisting of recordings of the group rehearsing live in the studio, Assorted Secrets features a number of rehearsal recordings for live performances for The Mole Show and an earlier tour concept which did not eventuate.


Following the financial disaster of The Mole Show tour and near disintegration of The Residents and The Cryptic Corporation in 1983, Ralph Records needed to raise funds in a hurry. In order to do this, they released this collection of existing material on cassette, as well as licencing collections to other labels such as with Ralph Before 84.

Assorted Secrets is a rather unique collection though, as it is made up of unreleased live-studio recordings from a private tape made by the band and not intended for release. The first side is an early test performance of The Mole Show recorded live at The House on April 10th 1982, and the B-Side is made up of studio rehearsals dating between Fall 1981 and May of 1983. Tracks 2 - 8 were recorded sometime between Fall of 1981 and Spring of 1982 in anticipation of an abandoned 10th Anniversary show, whilst tracks 9 - 11 were recorded on May 5th, 1983, in preparation for The European Mole Show

The Residents weren't exactly proud of these recordings nor of the release as a whole, so shortly after it's release in October of 1984 it was pulled from the Ralph catalog. As with most hard to find and out of print releases by The Residents, something of a myth grew around the recordings, and fan demand grew for it to reprinted, with The Residents outright refusing. However, fifteen years after it's initial release, enough was enough, and Assorted Secrets was reissued as a limited edition CD through Ralph America. The re-issue was covered in text reading "The One That Won't Go Away!", "They Hate It!!!", "You Shouldn't Listen To This...", and "Don't play this for your friends...". The CD featured an extended and alternate take on the original, with an unreleased instrumental take of 'GodSong' being included as the album's opening track, and three tracks (Constantinople, Smack Your Lips, and Happy Home) being swapped out for alternate takes.

Recording date inconsistencies

Conflicting recording dates for this album have appeared on both releases. On the original cassette it is stated that the rehearsals featured on tracks 2-8 were recorded in the fall of 1981, however, the later CD pressing, claims these tracks are credited to early 1982 (January-March).

The 1982 date of recording was later supported by the pREServed series, which featured recordings from these sessions once again credited as having been recorded in 1982.

Track listing

Original cassette release (1984)

Side One: Mark of The Mole Live (33:23)

  1. Mark of the Mole (33:23)
    1. Voices of The Air
    2. The Ultimate Disaster
    3. Migration
    4. Another Land
    5. The New Machine
    6. Final Confrontation

Side Two: Studio Rehearsals (27:59)

  1. The Letter (2:14)
  2. Ship's A'Going Down (2:35)
  3. Bach Is Dead (1:27)
  4. Birthday Boy (3:44)
  5. Constantinople (2:29)
  6. Die In Terror (2:14)
  7. Give It To Someone Else (0:57)
  8. Smack Your Lips (4:13)
  9. Song of the Wild (3:34)
  10. Happy Home (4:32)

Limited edition CD reissue (2000)

  1. God Song (1:33)
  2. The Letter (2:13)
  3. Ship's A Goin' Down (2:32)
  4. Bach Is Dead (1:20)
  5. Birthday Boy (3:41)
  6. Constantinople (2:10)
  7. Die In Terror (2:17)
  8. Give It To Someone Else (0:58)
  9. Festival of Death (9:23)
  10. Smack Your Lips (4:03)
  11. Song of the Wild (3:32)
  12. Happy Home (2:14)
  13. Mark of the Mole Part 1 (14:43)
    1. Voices of The Air
    2. The Ultimate Disaster
    3. Migration
  14. Mark of the Mole Part 2 (10:44)
    1. Another Land
    2. The New Machine
  15. Mark of the Mole Part 3 (Final Confrontation) (8:13)

Additional recordings

2000 CD reissue external package

As part of the pREServed series, various additional tracks recorded during these sessions have since been released.

1982 Rehearsals

  1. The Letter (2nd Take)
  2. Walter Westinghouse
  3. Die In Terror (second take)
  4. Give It To Something Else (second take)
  5. Love Leaks Out
  6. The Talk of Creatures
  7. Eskimo Suite (second take)
  8. Diskomo
  9. The Talk Of Creatures (second take, available on bootlegs)

Res Dance '82

  1. God Song
  2. Voices of The Air
  3. The Secret Seed
  4. The Ultimate Disaster
  5. God of Darkness
  6. Migration
  7. Smack Your Lips
  8. Another Land
  9. The New Machine
  10. Final Confrontation
  11. Satisfaction
  12. Happy Home


  • Mark of The Mole Recorded live before an audience in Santa Monica April 10th, 1982 by: Scott Fraser

Additional credits featured on later versions

Release history

Year Label Format
1984 Ralph Records Cass
2000 Ralph America CD

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