Assorted Secrets is a 1984 album by The Residents, compiling a number of rehearsals for live performances for The Mole Show and another tour which did not eventuate, mostly recorded live in-studio.

History Edit

Following the financial disaster of The Mole Show tour and near disintegration of The Residents and The Cryptic Corporation in 1983, Ralph Records needed to raise funds in a hurry. In order to do this, they released this collection of existing material on cassette, as well as licencing collections to other labels such as Memorial Hits.

Assorted Secrets is a rather unique collection, though, as it is made up of unreleased live-studio recordings of various songs from a private tape made by the band and not intended for release. Side A is an early test of The Mole Show from well before the band actually took to the road, recorded as a live performance in their studio, while Side B is made up of tests of live versions of various songs for a show (in the vein of what later became The 13th Anniversary Show tour) which never happened.


2000 CD reissue external package

This collection was eventually released on CD in 2000 by Ralph America as a numbered limited-run set with the subtitles "The One That Won't Go Away!", "They Hate It!!!", "You Shouldn't Listen To This...", and "Don't play this for your friends...". The program is somewhat different, with extra tracks and an extended run-time.

Track listing Edit

Original cassette release (1984)

  1. Mark Of The Mole
  2. The Letter
  3. Ship's A'Going Down
  4. Bach Is Dead
  5. Birthday Boy
  6. Constantinople
  7. Die In Terror
  8. Give It To Someone Else
  9. Smack Your Lips
  10. Song of the Wild
  11. Happy Home

CD front cover, 2000

Limited edition CD reissue (2000)

  1. God Song (1:33)
  2. The Letter (2:13)
  3. Ship's A Goin' Down (2:32)
  4. Bach Is Dead (1:20)
  5. Birthday Boy (3:41)
  6. Constantinople (2:10)
  7. Die In Terror (2:17)
  8. Give It To Someone Else (0:58)
  9. Festival of Death (9:23)
  10. Smack Your Lips (4:03)
  11. Song of the Wild (3:32)
  12. Happy Home (2:14)
  13. Mark of the Mole Part 1 (14:43)
  14. Mark of the Mole Part 2 (10:44)
  15. Mark of the Mole Part 3 (8:13)

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