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Bach Is Dead is a song from The Residents Duck Stab EP, released February of 1978. It name drops composer Search Results Johann Sebastian Bach.


Bach Is Dead was recorded in 1977 by The Residents & Snakefinger during a break from the intense Eskimo sessions. It was first released on the Duck Stab EP, and later appeared on the Duck Stab / Buster & Glenn LP.

The song features nonsensical and intentionally ominous lyrics, detailing a ritual in mourning of Bach. Who the subjects believe is dead.

It was considered for The Residents 10th anniversary performances, and was rehearsed during the 1982 Assorted Secrets sessions, but was scrapped along with the 10th anniversary. It was first performed live at the Adobe Disfigured Night Show in 1997. It was later remixed in 2010 for potential inclusion in the Lonely Teenager album, this remix appeared on Summer Songs and D*ck S*ab.

In 2021 it was included in the Duck Stab Alive TV special, and subsequently featured in the Dog Stab performances.[1]


Walking women want to see
The Southern Cross at night.
And so they set aside a sock
And tie their laces tight.
Yes, mournful is the melody
That echoes in their heads.
Without a beat they march along
Believing Bach is dead.



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