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Beautiful Eyes is a compilation album by The Residents, released July 16th 2010 via Robot Selling Device. It focuses on "beautiful but cold" pieces of music from throughout the group's history, and is described as a "great late night listen".

A reviewer receiving a promotional copy of the release noted that it arrived "by email and [contained] absolutely no press release".[1] The compilation was reissued on CD by Klanggalerie on November 14th 2020.


Beautiful Eyes contains mostly previously released material, however, it does feature a handful of tracks which were previously unavailable, including "VOM Theme" (an outtake from The Voice of Midnight), "D Of S" (a demo track later used as the outro to "The Black Behind" from The Bunny Boy), the otherwise unreleased "Saturnalia (Binaural)", and "Pinkrosebuds", an except from an instrumental re-imagining of "Blue Rosebuds" later released in full on D*ck S*ab. Also "Ode To Billy Joe" are a live performance from "So Long Sam" the debut concert of Randy Rose, First time on CD.

The closing track, "Available Piece", is an extended instrumental segment from the group's 1978 album Not Available which has not been released elsewhere, even being excluded from the 2019 pREServed reissue of the album (although it can be heard faintly throughout the bonus track "New Mexico Dream").

Beautiful Eyes received its first physical release on November 14th 2020, when it was reissued on CD by Klanggalerie in a newly remastered edition with no additional tracks.

Track listing

  1. What Have My Chickens Done Now? (Instrumental) (2:47)
  2. Pinkrosebuds (2:04)
  3. Notchi (2:22)
  4. Ode To Billy Joe (4:36)
  5. Inner Space (3:06)
  6. Return To Sender (2:52)
  7. Cold Metal Strikes A Soldier's Bible (2:57)
  8. Forty-Four No More (3:37)
  9. Dreams (Instrumental) (1:34)
  10. The Whispering Boy (3:03)
  11. Strange Culture Cue 2 (2:21)
  12. D Of S (2:34)
  13. My Brother Paul (3:01)
  14. Day 11 (2:51)
  15. Saturnalia (Binaural) (5:45)
  16. Bathsheba Bathes (2:48)
  17. The Black Behind (3:43)
  18. The Old Woman (Instrumental) (2:24)
  19. VOM Theme (1:29)
  20. Available Piece (Instrumental) (5:06)


2020 release

Liner notes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You hear that all the time. When the eyes you are talking about are those of The Residents it means something different. In this case, the eyeball masks long used by the group were always a mysterious factor. The Residents' sense of beauty was one of distance, even a calculated distance. And so it is with this music which is beautiful but cold, you can listen but not possess. This is a great late-night listen.

There are a number of unusual items in this collection, including a binaural experiment that must be experienced with headphones.

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