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Black Barry is a download-only single by The Residents, recorded live in San Francisco in 1989 on the group's Cube-E tour, and released on the group's Robot Selling Device on April 21st 2012.


The Residents' 1989 performance tour Cube-E: The History of American Music featured three distinct sections - Buckaroo Blues, Black Barry, and The Baby King. The Baby King was recorded by the group in the studio and released as The King & Eye in 1989, and Buckaroo Blues saw release as part of a compilation release by the group's fan club UWEB shortly thereafter. Despite this, the middle section had never been recorded in the studio.

With this in mind, the group released a recording of the Black Barry suite in April 2012 as a standalone feature on their online Robot Selling Device. This online release featured a remastered recording of the complete piece from an early San Francisco Cube-E show in 1989.

Track listing

  1. Black Barry (20:41)

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