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Bob (or Bobby) Tangney was an early collaborator of The Residents, appearing on their 1974 debut album Meet The Residents.


Bob Tangney met The Residents circa 1971 through his brother.[1] His earliest known activities with the group were acting as a writer on The Warner Brothers Album, for the track "Oh God You're a Pie in the Sky". He was a core member of the group's then-lineup, being credited as such on the 2013 demos compilation 'The Delta Nudes' Greatest Hiss'.

At the time, Tagney was the youngest of all of The Residents collaborators, being six or seven years younger than Hardy Fox. He continued to work with the group up until the recording of their debut album Meet The Residents, on which he plays bass guitar. Following the completion of the album, Tagney 'fell in with the wrong crowd' and was 'lost to drugs'. He cleaned himself up, and re-located to The California Foothills, but has not been in contact with The Residents in decades.[2]

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