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Bomba Records was a Japanese label formed in 1983 that specialized in Jazz re-issues. They acted as The Residents Japanese label from 1997 to 2005.

History with The Residents

Bomba's first Residents releases were CD re-issues of Meet The Residents, Not Available & The Third Reich 'n Roll, all issued on April 27th 1997. These CD reissues were notable for being the first to feature not bonus tracks. The second release batch was on June 22nd, which saw re-issues of Fingerprince and Duck Stab, as well as the 4 disc box set 'Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses'. Following this they released Eyesore, the first official Residents tribute album, and then 'Eskimo' & 'The Commercial Album' on September 28th. In 1998 they put out 4 batches of Residents material, on March 6th: Intermission & their exclusive compilation album,Twenty-Five Years Of Eyeball Excellence, March 29th: An edited version of their 1982 'Mole Show' live album featuring heavy fade outs on each track. August 30th: 'Residue Deux', and 'The Big Bubble'. September 27th 1998: 'Wormwood', The Residents' first new album since joining the label. Throughout 1999 they released Snakefinger's first two albums, The American Composers Series, as well as a recording of The Residents' 1985 Japanese 13th Anniversary Show, previously only available in shortened form.

Starting with The 13th Anniversary Show, Bomba ceased re-releasing old Residents albums in favor of exclusively putting out the bands new content. In 2000 the group's Roadworms & Diskomo 2000 albums were released. Wanting to release an album version of the Diskomo EP, Bomba commissioned The Residents to record additional material for it, for the CD, The Residents recorded the song 'Diskomo 2000' and 'Twinkle 2000'.

Following the release of their 2005 'Animal Lover' album, Bomba dropped The Residents from their label. The Residents would not find another Japanese label until 2009 with Birdsong & Hayabusa Landings.

Residents Releases

Reissues (1997 - 1999)

New Material (1999 - 2002, 2004 - 2005)