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Chubs are a species of humanoids, they are the antagonists of the Moles in The Mole Trilogy.


Mark Of The Mole (1981)

The then unamed Chubs were first featured in The Residents' 1981 album 'Mark of the Mole' in the album they welcome the migrant Moles into their land, in favor of labor.

However the people became anxious, and rumors began to spread that The Moles planned to take over their land. This causes a large mob of Chubs to attack the worker Moles using their newly built war machine, initially designed to help The Moles in their work, but modified to destroy them.

Their battle results in a stalemate, with many wounded and harmed. The two would have to live together.

The Tunes of Two Cities (1982)

The 1982 album 'The Tunes of Two Cities' showcases the music of The Chubs and The Moles. The Chubs' music is inspired by light jazz, whilst The Moles' music by industrial and noise music.

The Comix of Two Cities (1982 - 1983)

Shortly following the release of the album, Matt Howarth began working on a comic book adaptation of Mark of The Mole, entitled The Comix Of Two Cities. The first issue was released on October 26th, 1982, at the debut of The Mole Show.[1] The first 6 of 12 issues were published between October 1982 and March 1983 through Ralph Records and Howski Studios. The full series was later published by AEON in 1996.[2]

The Mole Show (1982 - 1983)

Despite being a re-telling of The Mark of the Mole, The Mole Show adds one important factor to The Chub's lore: Their name. During Penn Jillette's monologues, he refers to the previously unnamed species 'A Chub'

Animations of The Chubs would be featured in The Mole Show VHS.

The Big Bubble (1985)

The Residents' 1985 Big Bubble album liner notes details into the fate of The Chubs and The Moles, following their battle they continued their uneasy co-existence, but... began to crossbreed. This species would be known as a Cross. These Cross' created a political movement entitled Zinkenite, which called for the creation of a Mole nation. The leader of this movement, Kula Bocca, decided to have a band entitled The Big Bubble play at one of their rally's. The band began to sing 'Cry for The Fire', a song which featured a verse in Mohelmot, The Moles' original, and illegal, language. At the end of a gig, Kula Bocca had Chub officials arrest the band in order to stir up sympathy for The Zinkenite's. Bocca contacted their Chub friend, Frinky DuVall, to sign The Bubble to his record label, Black Shroud, which he agreed to do. They released one record on Black Shroud. The Big Bubble is said record.