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Commercial DVD is a DVD by The Residents, released via Mute Film and The Cryptic Corporation on October 24th 2004. Commercial DVD is an adaptation of the group's 1980 Commercial Album, and an expansion of the promotional short film One Minute Movies.

Whereas One Minute Movies featured only four songs from Commercial Album, the DVD features 56 short films in total, representing each track on the album at least once.


The idea for Commercial DVD came after The Residents' Freak Show animated DVD was halted by a serious illness experienced by animator and director Jim Ludtke in 2004.

Instead, The Residents began work on a new project, creating new music videos for all 40 songs featured on their 1980 release Commercial Album. After nine shorts were completed, they realized that they wouldn't be able to create enough films for the entire album, as they had originally planned, and so advertised on their website for directors to submit their demo reels to them for the chance to direct a music video for the film.[1]

Jim Ludtke died shortly after this announcement, and so a video for "Loss of Innocence" was created featuring 3D models created by Ludtke for The Residents' 1995 CD-ROM game Bad Day On The Midway. The video features a tribute to Ludtke at the end.

The DVD ultimately included 58 short films in total, and was designed to play each clip in random order, to provide for a unique experience each time. The Residents' videos for "Moisture" and "Red Rider" feature newly recorded audio tracks featuring vocals from Carla Fabrizio and guitar from Nolan Cook.


Commercial DVD was premiered at the Film on Music-Music on Film Festival in Prague on October 14th 2004,[2] followed by its US premiere on the 21st at The French Fry Factory in Oakland.[3] The DVD was released by Mute Films and The Cryptic Corporation on October 24th, 2004.

This was the first Residents project to be released by Mute, following the group's departure from East Side Digital in 2002. The following day, October 25th, Mute released a new edition of Commercial Album with a 32-page booklet, to accompany the DVD.

Liner notes

"The premise of The Commercial Album, which was released in 1980, was for The Residents to create their own "Top-Forty" of one-minute songs - one minute being the length of a typical TV commercial. Taking over where the group's 1978 classic Duck Stab left off The Commercial Album further distills the music of The Residents into a stream of compact and multifaceted avant-pop fems. A model of economy, the songs on the kaleidoscopic album constantly convey more with less.

In addition, one of the most important aspects of the project was the accompanying release of their four one minute movies. These videos brought to life and exposed the visual imagery of The Residents much more than every before, and, since the band had not yet toured, these startling images revealed the world of The Residents in ways unimagined by unsuspecting pop audiences in the early 1980s, created before the existence of MTV, these short movies were immediately in high rotation when the fledgling music channel began broadcasting in 1982, and were soon incorporated in the Museum of Modern Art's [New York] permanent collection.

Twenty five years after the release of The Commercial Album, The Residents have lovingly undertaken the task of creating ten new one-minute videos in addition to the original four, and also convinced more than 30 outstanding artists to join in the fun. The Result is the Commercial Album DVD, containing 56 outstanding one-minute movies - a virtual film festival in a box."


Screenshot from the "Amber" music video

Still from the "Red Rider" video

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