Coochie Brake is a 2011 album by Sonidos de la Noche, a spin-off project of The Residents featuring Charles Bobuck on keyboards, Bob on guitar, and Carlos on vocals.

Coochie Brake is one of the few Residents projects to not include lead singer Randy Rose, who was away performing his one-man show Sam's Enchanted Evening during its recording.


Recorded during the run of Randy Rose's solo "cabaret" show Sam's Enchanted Evening at the Berkeley Art Museum, Coochie Brake features vocals by then-recently departed Residents percussionist (and first-time vocalist) Carlos, and a new, almost ambient style which differed from the sound The Residents were pursuing at the time.

Reflecting this unusual line-up and style, Coochie Brake was released under the guise of Sonidos de la Noche in 2011. The album features contributions from guests N. Cook and M. Villalobos.

The initial, limited release of Coochie Brake included a bonus EP by The Residents, entitled Lying Horse Rock, which was reissued (in a different mix and with additional tracks) as a stand-alone album credited to the group's composer Charles Bobuck in 2012.


Coochie Brake by Sonidos de la Noche

  1. Theater of Shadows (5:25)
  2. The Noche Called My Nombre (3:19)
  3. Gotta Believe (3:03)
  4. Rot of Ages (3:59)
  5. Outside The Fence (3:49)
  6. Tied To A Cactus (4:00)
  7. Crocodile Tears (3:03)
  8. Dead Man on the Floor (3:00)
  9. Runaway (3:07)
  10. Bitter Biter (4:19)
  11. Please Don't Go (6:41)

Lying Horse Rock by The Residents (2011 limited edition only)

  1. Lying Horse Rock (7:09)
  2. West & Kembrell (19:36)


Written & Performed by The Residents AKA, Sonidos De La Noche

Chuck - Keyboards

Bob - Guitar

Carlos - Vocals / Drums

With Guests: N. Cook & M. Villalobos

Package / Design: Sammi Selmo

Additional Recordings: K. Ink

Spokesmodel: Miles Taber

Coochie Brake Was Written & Recorded Between The Summers of 2010 & 2011

Thanks To: P. Kranak and, of course, Randy

Produced By: The Cryptic Corporation

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