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Demonic! is a live box set by The Residents, recorded during their Demons Dance Alone tour.


The live show was recorded for live broadcast on Norse Radio and Television on February 27th, 2003. Molly Harvey, the vocalist, had a cold on the show date.

The recording was released as part of a three-disc box set, containing a film of the concert, as well as two discs for the expanded soundtrack. It was sold through the Ralphlet Bandcamp page in August of 2012. The item quickly sold out, and a second pressing, not including the DVD, was released on October 3rd that same year.

The second release lasts 1:42:12, the same length of time between the first plane hitting and the last tower falling on September 11th, 2001.

Track Listing

Disc 1 (59:21)

  1. King Kong (Steinway)
  2. Demons Dance Alone (Instrumental)
  3. Thundering Skies
  4. Betty's Body
  5. Mickey Macaroni
  6. Wolverines
  7. Wonderful 1
  8. Caring
  9. Weather Man
  10. My Brother Paul
  11. Car Thief
  12. Wonderful 2
  13. Baja
  14. Plains To Mexico
  15. Golden Goat (Residents/Snakefinger)
  16. Shoe Salesman (Residents/Renaldo & The Loaf)

Disc 2 (42:37)

  1. Beekeeper
  2. Honey Bear
  3. Ghost Child
  4. Vampire
  5. Wonderful 3
  6. Neediness
  7. Demons Dance Alone

DVD (53:32)

  1. Betty's Body
  2. Micky Macaroni
  3. Wolverines
  4. The Shoe Salesman
  5. The Beekeeper's Daughter
  6. Honey Bear
  7. Mr. Wonderful
  8. Neediness
  9. Ghost Child
  10. Shoe Salesman (Audience Angle By Jeff Bond)
  11. Demons Dance Alone (Promo)
  12. Demons Dance Alone (ADS)

Diary Entry

Throughout the Demons Dance Alone Tour, singer Molly Harvey kept a journal. This was her entry.

Got off the bus around 7 am, all of us stumbling single file and bleary-eyed over icy sidewalks, suitcases in tow, disoriented and much colder than we were last night in Holland. The cold I was catching back in San Francisco has come on full force, and I try to avoid hitting my friends’ feet as I spit yellow loogie after loogie onto the clean streets of Oslo.

We arrive at our hotel, which is immense and very swanky. Breakfast is being served, so after going to our rooms to change out of sweaty slept-in clothes, we converge on the buffet, which features a lovely assortment of cereals, eggs, pickled things, meats, and fresh fish. There is some sausage that is black in color which we later found out was horse. I didn’t get around to eating that.

We haven’t even done our “official” first show yet and I am already exhausted. It feels as if we’ve been on the road for weeks. I take a small walk with X and even though we have been very careful to stay close to the hotel, we both have horrible senses of direction and get lost anyway.

For such a rich country, Norway (Oslo at least) doesn’t spend much on its store mannequins. We passed a few expensive dressy lady shops, and the mannequins all had on these rug-like old lady wigs. Maybe the Norwegians don’t think having mannequins with nice hair is a priority. I can’t understand it myself, but that’s what makes the world go round, I guess. While we were out we also saw a Cadillac brand tanning bed. Sometimes I have fantasies of spending my entire tour paycheck on some weird and useless item. It would make me feel richer, I think, to own some large and useless expensive thing like a Cadillac tanning bed. I could casually tell people “I picked that up in Oslo”.

There are some hours to kill before we go to the venue. I spend them between the sheets of my soft cozy Norwegian bed and watch BBC soap operas, blowing my nose and sneezing and trying to tell myself that it’s just allergies.

The show happens late tonight…10 or so. There’s lots of time to kill, and we sit around the venue eating more yummy snacks and waiting for soundcheck. This is an important show, it is being broadcast all over Norwegian television and I don’t think the Residents have ever played here before, so people are curious and very excited. The place is sold out, or very nearly so. I am in a strange and somber mood and instead of feeling inspired by my nervousness, I feel dejected by it, as if I already know I will not do a good job tonight.


…And I have what I feel to be the worst show I’ve ever had. From the beginning, things were a disaster for me… I couldn’t hear myself for 90% of the show’s duration, and I knew I was singing off-key but by the time I hear myself the words had already come out. The audience was l a r g e and enthusiastic and ready to party. I think they had a good time and would’ve no matter what. I just felt awkward and lame.

During “Golden Goat” the demon and I are playing chase, and I slip and fall and land on the back of my head. It didn’t really hurt. It more shocked me, but I was really upset by the end of the show and just wanted to be out of there.

There was a small gathering backstage after the show and I packed up as quickly as I could, feeling embarrassed by my lackluster performance, and bummed that it was being recorded! The guys in Turbonegro came to the show and were backstage for a little party. I packed up and then walked back to the hotel with some of the other kids.

We have to get up around 5 am to make it to the airport in plenty of time to go to our next destination. I can’t go right to sleep even though I will get about only 3 hours. So I am going to watch this awesome Australian soap opera where everyone seems good-hearted but keeps getting into trouble with the law.