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Die! Die! Die! is a single by The Residents, released digitally and as a limited edition 7" vinyl on May 15th 2020 by Psychofon Records.

The vinyl version of the single features the titular demo recording by 1970s Louisiana blues singer Alvin "Dyin' Dog" Snow on the A-side, and The Residents' cover version of the song (with guest vocalist Black Francis) on the B-side.

Both versions feature on The Residents' 2020 album Metal, Meat & Bone - The Songs of Dyin' Dog.


"Die! Die! Die!" was written by obscure Louisiana blues singer Alvin "Dyin' Dog" Snow, and recorded with his band The Mongrels (featuring early Residents collaborator Roland Sheehan) in 1975.

Around 2017, Sheehan rediscovered the long-lost Dyin' Dog demos and later showed them to The Residents, who he had reconnected with following his participation in the documentary film Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents.

The group were immediately inspired to record a cover album featuring all ten tracks, and introduced a number of their versions of the Dyin' Dog songs during their In Between Dreams tour in 2019. The resulting album, Metal, Meat & Bone - The Songs of Dyin' Dog was released in July 2020.


"Die! Die! Die!" was released as a 7" single in a hand-numbered limited edition of 200 in black and orange vinyl variants on Psychofon Records on May 15th 2020, featuring the original Dyin' Dog demo on the A-side (which had been previously released on the Alvin Snow, aka Dyin' Dog box set). The B-side featured The Residents' version of the song, with guest vocalist Black Francis of the Pixies. Black Francis had previously worked with Eric Drew Feldman, who has collaborated with The Residents since 1982.

The single was also released digitally, featuring only The Residents' version of the song. An animated music video was released by the group alongside the single, which directly referenced the then-current COVID-19 pandemic and Donald Trump's response to it (or lack thereof).

Track listing

Vinyl edition

  1. Alvin Snow, aka Dyin' Dog - Die! Die! Die!
  2. The Residents featuring Black Francis - Die! Die! Die!

Digital edition

  1. The Residents featuring Black Francis - Die! Die! Die! (4:05)

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