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Die In Terror is a song by The Residents, recorded for their 1980 album 'The Commercial Album'


The song was written and recorded in 1980, it is one minute long. The song's narrator speaks of a woman he once knew, who wished to Die In Terror. He wonders where she went, and if she in fact died, in terror.

In 1982 the song was rehearsed for a greatest hits live show that would become The Mole Show.

From 1985 to 1986 the song was performed as part of The 13th Anniversary Show.

In 2004 two music videos were produced of the song for The Commercial DVD. The first one, directed by The Residents, features a hand feeling a knife, which pulls away to reveal an eye, with more eyes hidden beneath it, that start to move anti clockwise. A pair of eyes appears and begins to spin. The eyes spin onto a CGI face with curly hair, which rapidly ages, the head disappears, and the eyes spin onto a heart.

Still from Incorect's 2004 music video of the song

Incorect animated another video for the song, featuring silhouetted cartoons of The Residents walking through an ice cave. A strange creature appears, and begins to drum out the beat of Die In Terror. Another creature appears, with a cube head and a top hat, as well as a bat. The Cube-Headed creature sings Die In Terror, and walks off stage.

The final re-arrangement of the song came in 2005, for The Way We Were live show.



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