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Diskomo is a six part disco remix of Eskimo. It was released as the A side to the Diskomo / Goosebump EP in 1980. It has been re-recorded by the group several times.


Due to the nature of the suite, track lengths have never been released for the individual segments, but it can be assumed that each part is 1:20 long.

  1. Theme From The Walrus Hunt
  2. Bladder Music
  3. Crossing The Tundra
  4. Spirit Battle
  5. Sunrise
  6. Reprise Theme From The Walrus Hunt

Diskomo 1982

For their 1982 rehearsals, The Residents recorded a bass heavy version of Diskomo, it was released in 2019 on Eskimo pREServed.

Diskomo 1987


As the second encore for the final 13th Anniversary Show, in 1987, The Residents performed a one off heavy guitar lead Big Bubble inspired version of Diskomo. It was released as a single on a Flexi-disc in 1988 with the April copy of Reflex Magazine. It featured Snakefinger, Penn & Teller

Diskomo 1992

Diskomo 1992 was originally the instrumental to "Gone Again" from Our Finest Flowers. It was released on the Diskomo 2000 album, as Diskomo 1992

Diskomo 2000


Diskomo 2000 is a remix of Even Now, by L&O, a popular Trance song which samples Diskomo heavily.