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Diskomo Live is a single released by The Residents for free with the April 1988 issue of Reflex Magazine. It is the final collaboration between The Residents and Snakefinger prior to his death.


Diskomo Live is an excerpt from the final 13th Anniversary Show, which featured a very different set up to the rest of the show, featuring a slightly altered setlist, including Diskomo as the encore, as well as Penn & Teller narrating. The single was released as a bonus for the April 1988 issue of Reflex Magazine, which featured The Residents on the cover.

Live Dispute

Residents fan club owner Uncle Willie, disputed the claim that this was an authentic live recording, claiming it was a studio re-creation of a live performance in his March 1990 newsletter.

Track Listing

  1. Diskomo

Liner Notes

"Last song of the final show of the year-long world tour, "The Residents 13th Anniversary Tour" Recorded January 10, 1986 - Warfield Theatre"


Release History

Year Label Format Region Notes
1988 Reflex Magazine 6" Flexi US
1990 UWEB CD As part of 'Liver Music' compilation
Torso NL As part of 'Diskomo' EP
1994 Euro Ralph 12" EU As part of 'In Memoriam Torso' Box-Set
1995 UWEB CD US As part of 'UWEB' Box-Set
2010 Birdsong & Hayabusa Landings JP Bonus track on Eskimo CD
2019 New Ralph Too, Cherry Red, & MVD Audio US/EU As part of Eskimo pREServed

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