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Dog Stab! is a performance tour by The Residents, promoting their 2020 studio album Metal, Meat & Bone, as well as featuring sets dedicated to the classic albums Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen and The Third Reich 'n Roll, in celebration of the group's upcoming 50th Anniversary.

First announced in November 2019 and intended to begin in April 2020 with dates in America and Canada. Following the global spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, these dates were postponed in March 2020, eventually being rescheduled to April and May 2021. As the pandemic continued to rage into 2021, these dates were again postponed.

The Dog Stab! tour was then expected to begin on August 19th 2021 with a show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon; however, a week before the show it was announced that almost all dates on the North American leg of the tour would be cancelled.[1]

The tour ultimately began at the Regent in Los Angeles on September 15th 2021, continuing for the last two remaining American dates. After continued postponements, the tour is now scheduled to resume in Europe and the United Kingdom in January and February 2023.


First announcement and postponement

The Residents' Dog Stab! tour was first announced on November 21st 2019, with dates in America and Canada in April and May 2020. The tour was designed to promote the release of the group's then-upcoming studio album Metal, Meat & Bone, a cover album devoted to the songs of the obscure Louisiana blues singer Alvin "Dyin' Dog" Snow. This early version of the show would have also featured a number of selected songs from the 1978 album Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen.[2]

Beginning in late 2019, the COVID-19 coronavirus began to spread across the world at an alarming rate, being officially declared a global pandemic in March 2020. For this reason, the planned Dog Stab! tour dates were postponed until further notice, on Friday the 13th of March, only a month before the tour was expected to begin. At this time, the group were planning to commence a European leg of the tour in January and February 2021.[3]

Second announcement and postponement

On April 1st 2020, rescheduled American and Canadian dates were announced for April and May 2021.[4] No European dates were announced for January or February, as the pandemic continued to spread across Europe into the beginning of 2021.

The continuing pandemic in America ultimately caused the second run of dates to be cancelled in April 2021, only a week before the tour was scheduled to begin. A third run of dates was announced at the same time; the American tour dates were now rescheduled to take place in August and September 2021. A second leg of European tour dates were announced in May, scheduled to take place in January and February 2022.

Further development and Duck Stab! Alive!

After the repeated postponements and delays, the start of the tour had been pushed so close to The Residents' 50th Anniversary in 2022 that it was decided the show would evolve in order to spotlight this as a theme. To this end, the show was split into halves dedicated to Metal, Meat & Bone and Duck Stab!, with an added encore featuring material from the 1976 album The Third Reich 'n Roll,[5] designed to further emphasize the "50th Anniversary" aspect of the show.[6]

With these changes to the set list, the show had changed so substantially from its original concept that, had it originally been conceived as such, it likely would not have been titled "Dog Stab!", but since a great deal of promotional material had already been created and released, it was decided to continue the tour using this title.[6]

The Residents premiered the Duck Stab! portion of the show in June 2021, with the airing of the live-in-the-studio TV special Duck Stab Alive! on the streaming platform Night Flight Plus. Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation confirmed in September 2021 that the material featured in Duck Stab Alive! represented half of the Dog Stab! set list.[7]

Cancellation of American tour

On August 11th 2021, fans who had purchased tickets to a number of shows on the tour's American leg were notified that the tour would be cancelled. Ticketholders to the Lincoln Hall show received an email notifying them of the cancellation and forthcoming refund of their ticket costs, which included a short message from The Residents explaining the cancellation:

"We have almost gotten used to cancelling or postponing tours these days, which doesn't make this any easier. But as the subject line suggests it is with great regret to inform you that we have to cancel the Residents tour. There are a number of reasons, but what really put the nail in the coffin is that we were not able to get one of the band members (who lives in the Netherlands) into the country in time due to NIE and visa protocol."[1]

Shortly thereafter, the cancellation of all but the last three shows on the North American tour was confirmed through messages posted on the group's official website.[8][9][10]

First shows and further delays

The Residents finally kicked off the Dog Stab! tour at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on September 15th 2021. The truncated American leg of the tour continued with a second show at the Castro in San Francisco on the 17th, and concluded with a third show at the Rio in Santa Cruz on the 18th.

The tour was then expected to continue in January and February 2022 with a string of dates across Europe and the United Kingdom. In December 2021, however, it was announced that this leg of the tour had been postponed by 12 months due to increasing COVID restrictions.[11] All dates on the leg were then rescheduled to take place in January and February 2023.

Set list

The Residents at curtain call on the first night of the tour, September 15th 2021 (photo by Richard D. Eckart)

Metal, Meat & Bone (The Songs of Dyin' Dog)

  • I Know
  • She Called Me Doggy
  • The Dog’s Dream
  • Cut To The Quick
  • Dead Weight
  • Bury My Bone
  • River Runs Dry
  • Cold As A Corpse
  • Blood Stains
  • Hungry Hound
  • Die Die Die

Duck Stab!/Buster & Glen

Encore: The Third Reich 'n Roll

  • Swastikas on Parade
    • Der Twist Begint
    • Land of 1000 Dances
    • Hey Little Girl
    • Psychotic Reaction
    • Hanky Panky
    • Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
  • Hitler Was A Vegetarian
    • Gloria
    • Ballad of the Green Berets
    • It’s My Party
  • The Letter


First leg (USA, September 2021)

  • September 15th 2021 - The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, California
  • September 17th 2021 - The Castro Theater, San Francisco, California
  • September 18th 2021 - The Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, California

Second leg (Europe, Winter 2023)

Cancelled dates


  • April 16th 2020 - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, Oregon (rescheduled to April 29th 2021)
  • April 17th 2020 - The Triple Door, Seattle, Washington (rescheduled to April 30th 2021)
  • April 18th 2020 - The Imperial, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (rescheduled to May 1st 2021)
  • April 20th 2020 - Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, Utah (rescheduled to May 3rd 2021)
  • April 21st 2020 - Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado (rescheduled to May 4th 2021)
  • April 23rd 2020 - The Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (rescheduled to May 6th 2021)
  • April 24th 2020 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, Illinois (rescheduled to May 7th 2021)
  • April 25th 2020 - The Shelter, Detroit, Michigan (rescheduled to May 8th 2021)
  • April 27th 2020 - Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont (rescheduled to May 10th 2021)
  • April 28th 2020 - The Sinclair, Cambridge, Massachusetts (rescheduled to May 11th 2021)
  • April 30th 2020 - (le) poisson rouge, New York City, New York (rescheduled to September 2nd 2021)
  • May 1st 2020 - The Foundry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (rescheduled to May 14th 2021)
  • May 2nd 2020 - Ottobar, Baltimore, Maryland (rescheduled to May 15th 2021)
  • May 8th 2020 - The Kessler, Dallas, Texas (rescheduled to May 21st 2021)
  • May 12th 2020 - The Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, Arizona (rescheduled to May 25th 2021)
  • May 13th 2020 - The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, California (rescheduled to May 26th 2021)
  • May 14th 2020 - The Chapel, San Francisco, California (rescheduled to May 27th 2021)
  • May 15th 2020 - The Chapel, San Francisco, California (rescheduled to May 28th 2021)
  • May 16th 2020 - The Chapel, San Francisco, California (rescheduled to May 29th 2021)



  • January 21st 2022 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands (rescheduled to January 27th 2023)
  • January 22nd 2022 - Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany (rescheduled to January 28th 2023)
  • January 24th 2022 - Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany (rescheduled to February 20th 2023)
  • January 25th 2022 - Flex, Wein, Austria (rescheduled to February 17th 2023)
  • January 26th 2022 - Palac Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic (rescheduled to February 16th 2023 at the Archa Theatre)
  • January 27th 2022 - Stary Klasztor, Wroclaw, Poland (rescheduled to February 15th 2023)
  • January 28th 2022 - B 90, Gdansk, Poland (rescheduled to February 14th 2023)
  • January 30th 2022 - Columbia Theater, Berlin, Germany (rescheduled to February 12th 2023)
  • February 2nd 2022 - Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark (rescheduled to February 8th 2023)
  • February 3rd 2022 - Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway (rescheduled to February 9th 2023)
  • February 4th 2022 - Bølgen, Larvik, Norway (rescheduled to February 10th 2023)
  • February 6th 2022 - Botanique, Brussels, Belgium (rescheduled to January 29th 2023)
  • February 8th 2022 - Union Chapel, London, England (rescheduled to January 31st 2023)
  • February 9th 2022 - St. Georges, Bristol, England (rescheduled to February 1st 2023)
  • February 10th 2022 - Boiler Shop, Newcastle upon Tyne, England (rescheduled to February 2nd 2023)
  • February 11th 2022 - Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland (rescheduled to February 3rd 2023)
  • February 12th 2022 - Leeds Irish Centre, Leeds, England (rescheduled to February 4th 2023)
  • February 14th 2022 - The Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland (rescheduled to February 21st 2023)

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