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"Easter Woman" is a track by The Residents.

The first track on their 1980 album The Commercial Album, it was later featured in a medley with "The Simple Song" on the soundtrack to the 1984 film The Census Taker.


Easter woman came today
And took away my wife
Took her through an open doorway
To the afterlife


The original version first appeared on Buy Or Die 1980½, and later appeared on The Commercial Album in 1980.

An instrumental version appeared on The Census Taker in 1985.

Live versions were recorded during the 13th Anniversary Show throughout 1985 - 1987, featuring Snakefinger on guitar.

The song was also performed in a new composition during the 2005 Way We Were Tour.

Another new re-arrangement of the song featured on the 2014 - 2016 Shadowland tour, including new lyrics.