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Eggs For Breakfast (subtitled "Eggsistential Thoughts Volume 1") is an album by Charles Bobuck, compiling a number of short tunes he referred to as "eggs", each with a single-word title. It was released on Klanggalerie on February 1st 2017.

Tracks 1-19 had previously been released in 2016 as a series of online singles, and on the album Black Tar - 13 Tiny Tunes For Hallow's Eve. It features long-time Residents/Bobuck collaborator Nolan Cook on guitar.

Track listing

  1. Headstand (1:40)
  2. Truck (1:20)
  3. War (1:56)
  4. General (1:41)
  5. Smoke (1:18)
  6. Pupil (1:30)
  7. Saw (2:45)
  8. Yellow (2:13)
  9. Bag (1:28)
  10. Dali (2:10)
  11. Sing (2:26)
  12. Car (2:03)
  13. Hands (1:32)
  14. Death (1:24)
  15. Lemon (2:44)
  16. Shroud (2:15)
  17. Rug (1:28)
  18. Blue (1:25)
  19. Music (2:38)
  20. Toe (1:46)
  21. Beer (1:33)
  22. Toast (1:47)
  23. Itch (1:29)
  24. Kid (1:43)
  25. Gang (1:57)
  26. Nail (1:34)

Liner notes

I saw a yellow bag.  
The bag was carried by the artist Dali
as he strolled through the streets
of Barcelona singing songs he could
hear coming from passing car radios. 
As he neared, he paused and handed
me the bag asking,

“Are you my angel of death?” 
And with that he squelched up his
face as though he had just bitten
into a lemon.  

You do not look like my angel. 
My angel would wear a shroud
made of rugs with blue fringe.”

With that he he took the yellow
bag from me and looked deeply
into my eyes.

I said, “It is Hallow’s Eve and I am
wearing a costume.”

He smiled with eyes appreciating
my sneakiness and shoved the bag
back into my arms.

I opened it once he was out of sight. 
It was filled with music that had the
odor of sticky black tar.

I now pass the bag to you.

Are you my angel of death? 

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