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Euro Ralph was a record label run by The Residents from 1992 to 2010.


Euro Ralph was the first reincarnation of Ralph Records since the labels initial abandonment in 1989.

Originally the label would distribute all the new Residents releases in Europe, whilst ESD would release that same material in America, but after ESD and The Residents' partnership closed in 2002, Euro Ralph became the distributor for both Europe & the US[1], which it remained as until 2005.

In 1995 Residents collaborators Už Jsme Doma signed with the label to release their "Fairy-Tales From Needland" album, but aside from this and a Snakefinger boxset, Euro Ralph released exclusively Residents content.

Artists Signed

Unlike Ralph Records, Euro Ralph only briefly dabbled in signing other artists.

List Of Residents Releases

Credited Rolls

Euro Ralph is credited with writing the liner notes for the Censored Third Reich 'n Roll re-release.

"The Residents' third album was released in 1976, the love/hate relationship the eyeball-ones have with pop music has, perhaps, never been better stated than in this scathingly satirical look at '60's bubble-gum rock somehow twisted into shocking '70's bubble-gum avant-guarde. With a swift kick in the balls, The Residents leave Rock 'n' Roll as fodder for tomorrow's dough brains."

They were later credited as Producers of Roadworms & Eskimo The Movie.