Final Confrontation is a four part suite featured in The Residents' Mark of the Mole album.


The track depicts the final battle between The Moles & The Chubs, as The Chubs use their newly crafted war machine to chase the moles out of their land.

The Moles, not ones to be pushed around so easily, fight against the Chubs.

The track ends with "Resolution?" song featuring discordant and high pitched noises, initially recorded during the X Is For Xtra sessions in 1974, then titled Mehico Ron Devoo Finale. This noise represents the conclusion of the battle between the species.

The song was performed live from 1982 and 1983 as part of The Mole Show. During live performances Penn Jillette, the narrator for the show, is wheeled out onto stage in a wheel chair, his mouth gagged and his hands tied, as the stagehands move a cutout of The Moles, running away from the hateful remarks of The Chubs, who are presented on large backdrops to the left and right of the stage.

During the second part, Don't Tread On Me, stagehands move more and more Mole props onto the stage, surrounding Penn, after this, during the third part, The Short War, Chub props are moved onto stage, and both Moles and Chubs are moved back and forth by the stagehands, as the room fills with smoke, to represent the battle between the two species.

Resolution? features all the props being moved off stage, as Penn is turned to face The Residents.

The song was removed from the setlist of the televised concert, filmed in Madrid Spain.


  1. Driving the Moles Away
  2. Don't Tread On Me
  3. The Short War
  4. Resolution?


The Chubs: We don't want your arm, we don't want your hand,
All we really want is for you to leave our land;
We don't want your foot, we don't want your toe,
All we really want is for you to pack and go;
We don't want your necks, we don't want your backs,
All we really want is for you to hit the tracks;
We don't want your nose, we don't want your lip,
All we really want is for you to take a trip;
We don't want your skin, we don't want your hair,
All we really want is for you to become rare;
We don't want your tongue, we don't want your ear,
All we really want is for you to disappear;
We don't want your ankle, we don't want your knee,
All we really want is for you to quickly leave;
We don't want your palm, we don't want your wrist,
All we really want is for you to soon be missed;
We don't want your brow, we don't want your eye,
All we really want is for you to puke and die!
The Moles: Hatred has hunger and hatred has eyes,
Hatred has purpose and hatred has size,
Hatred has honour but hatred hates lies!
Assailants of mercy with hate in your eyes,
Do not disturb us, you might be surprised,
We are not weaklings to tremble and die.
Hatred has dignity, hatred is clear,
Hatred has courage and hatred is dear,
Hatred has virtue and hatred is here!
Odious enemy do not come near
There is no pity nor tenderness here,
There is no mercy just villainous fear!



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