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Disambiguation-sml.png This article is about the 2007 bonus disc.
You may be looking for the abandoned 2004 DVD of the same name.

Freak Show is a short anthology film by The Residents, included with the 2007 Freak Show Box-Set.


The DVD collects various visual elements from The Residents' Freak Show multi-media project, lasting from 1990 to 2004, ranging from music videos, live films, as well as excerpts from the abandoned animated film.


Intro (1:10)

Herman The Human Mole (3:26)

The Freak Show Press Release including Harry The Head (7:57)

  • Two short music videos produced between 1991 and 1992. The first, from 1992, is a live-action video for 'Everyone Comes to the Freak Show' the second, from 1991, is a computer-animated video for Harry The Head. These videos feature Diane Alden and Laurie Amat. Directed by John Sanborn, animated by Jim Ludtke.

Jelly Jack Video (4:19)

Benny The Bouncing Bump (NEC) (5:05)

  • Live performance of Everyone Comes to the Freak Show & Benny The Bouncing Bump from Ty's Freak Show, 1991. Featuring Laurie Amat, Carol LeMaitre, and Sarah McLennan.

Freak Show Live (Prague) excerpt (2:06)

Benny The Bouncing Bump (4:57)

Pickled Punks (1:09)

Joseph Merrick - The Elephant Man (3:14)

Chang & Eng - The Original Siamese Twins (3:30)

Johnny Eck - Half Man (3:32)

Prince Randian - The Human Torso (3:19)

The Hilton Sisters - Chained For Life (3:23)

Conclusion (1:17)


  • Pickled Punks
    • Animated by Casey Stockdon
  • Herman / Benny 2004
    • Animated by Jim Ludtke
    • Guests: T. Janssen & M. Harvey
  • Benny The Bump NEC
    • Produced by Ty Roberts
    • Edited by Todd Rundgren
    • With Guests: L. Amat, C. LeMaitre & S. McLennan
  • Freak Show Live Prague, Czech Republic National Television
    • Tex: W. Doba
    • Herman: V. Gut
    • Musical Director: M. Wanek