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Freak Show was a live theatrical show written, but not performed, by The Residents.


In Spring of 1993, Ondřej Hrab visited The Cryptic Corporation offices, with the offer of creating a theatrical adaptation of Freak Show. He was shown an early version of the Freak Show game, and given a rough idea of what to do. [1]

The show is structured in two acts, the is largely musical, and heavily based on the album, where Tex The Ringleader, shows the audience the freaks in his show and sings their songs. The second act of the show is more inspired by the CD-ROM, and features a behind the scene look at the Freak Show, and what the residents of the show do in their spare time.

One performance of the show was filmed and aired on Prague Television. Audio and visuals from this filmed show have appeared on a number of Residents compilations.

The Freak Show Band

The Residents themselves were unable to perform in the show, and as such hired a series of performers to play in their place.


  • Wayne Doba as Tex, The Ringleader
  • Andrea Nováková as Wanda, The Worm Woman
  • Vladimír Gut as Herman, The Human Mole
  • Miroslav Matyáš, as Benny, The Bouncing Bump
  • Laurie Amat, Andrea Jurčová & Iva Nachtmannová, as The Freak Show Choir


  • Miroslav Wanek: Conductor
  • František Svačina & Vladimír Helebrant: Keyboards
  • Kamil Krůta: Bass
  • Lenka Kavalová: Cello
  • Jindřich Dolanský: Tenor saxophone
  • Romek Hanzlík: Guitar
  • Hynek Schneider: Drums


Act One

  1. Everyone Comes to the Freak Show
  2. Wanda the Worm Woman
  3. Mickey the Mumbling Midget
  4. Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy
  5. Herman the Human Mole
  6. Harry the Head
  7. Benny The Bouncing Bump
  8. Bridge

Act Two

  1. Wanda’s Letters, Part 17
  2. Jelly Jack the Boneless Boy
  3. Benny The Bouncing Bump
  4. Nobody Laughs When They Leave
  5. Benny The Bouncing Bump


Freak Show Poster

  • November 1st, 1995[1]
  • November 2nd, 1995
  • November 3rd, 1995
  • November 7th, 1995
  • November 8th, 1995
  • November 9th, 1995
  • November 10th, 1995
  • November 14th, 1995
  • November 15th, 1995
  • November 16th, 1995
  • November 17th, 1995
  • November 18th, 1995[2]
  • November 22nd, 1995
  • November 23rd, 1995[3]
  • November 24th, 1995
  • November 25th, 1995
  • November 28th, 1995
  • November 29th, 1995

Released Recordings

  • 1.0 1.1
  • Freak Show pREServed booklet, Jim Knipfel, 2021
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