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"From The Plains To Mexico" is a limited edition, one-sided single by The Residents, released in 1989 as a bonus feature with the Stampa Alternativa book The Residents: An Almost Complete Collection of Lyrics 1972-1988.


From The Plains To Mexico, the song, was written and recorded between April and June of 1989. The group had been working on a project titled Buckaroo Blues at the time, inspired by a collection of cowboy poems the band had acquired. They had decided to make the project a live performances, and had tested in front of audiences twice at that point. But the group felt that the piece lacked a strong opening. They tried out the Hank Willaims song Jambalaya at their Tele-5 performance, but were likely disappointed with the results. And so, From The Plains to Mexico was written and recorded. The version released on this single is a particularity early take on the song, featuring a slightly different arrangement from that performed in the Cube-E live tour.

Meanwhile, The Cryptic Corporation had just authorized a collection of Residents lyrics translated into Italian, published by Stampa Alternativa. As had become something of a tradition with their published works, The Residents decided to include a single sided 7" single with the book. And so, they dug into the archives to find their early studio recording of Plains To Mexico. The single was released in August of 1989, anticipating the group's upcoming live performance in Italy as part of the Cube-E tour.

Although the single has never been repressed, its only track has been re-released on a number of compilations.

Track listing

  1. From The Plains To Mexico (3:25)


Release History

Year Label Format Region Notes
1989 Stampa Alternativa 7" Italy Included with the book An Almost Complete Collection of Lyrics. Two Variations.
1991 UWEB CD USA As part of Daydream B Liver CD.
1995 As part of UWEB Box Set
1997 Rykodisc As part of Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses CD BoxSet.
Euro Ralph Europe
Bomba Records Japan
1998 East Side Digital USA As part of Residue Deux CD.
Bomba Records Japan
2009 RSD Digital USA As part of Documentation - Tunes In Danger Of Becoming Lost Album.
2014 Superior Viaduct LP As part of Residue LP.
2016 Klanggalerie CD Austria As part of Daydream B Liver CD.
2017 Digital
New Ralph Too, Cherry Red, MVD CD US & EU As part of 80 Aching Orphans box set.
2020 As part of Cube-E box set.

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