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God In 3 Persons is a double live album by The Residents, featuring recordings from the group's January 2020 premiere of the stage adaptation of their album of the same same at the Museum of Modern Art.

It is the first physical release featuring The Residents' new orchestration of God In Three Persons, arranged with Joshua Raoul Brody. The album was released to Indiegogo campaign contributors on September 3rd 2020.


In 1988, The Residents released God In Three Persons, their first album designed specifically for the compact disc format. It features a continuous, spoken-word narrative centred around a disgraced preacher named Mr X, who discovers a pair of conjoined twins of fluid gender who have miraculous abilities.

Following the release of the album, the group began to conceive a stage adaptation, even composing an overture for the potential show, but ultimately shelved the idea in favor of what eventually became their 1989 tour Cube-E.

The Residents would not revisit the idea until almost thirty years later, when they premiered a work-in-progress version in France in April 2019. These early shows debuted a new arrangement of God In Three Persons, which had been composed by the group with the assistance of their long-time collaborator Joshua Raoul Brody.

Following this performance, the group enlisted director and video artist John Sanborn (a long-time collaborator) to help create the final version of the show and funding the project through an Indiegogo campaign launched in October 2019.

Among other perks offered to supporters of the campaign (which included masks and props from the show) was a live recording of the performance on CD and/or vinyl. The limited edition album was released exclusively to campaign supporters on September 3rd 2020.

Track listing

  1. Overture (4:14)
  2. Hard & Tenderly (4:43)
  3. The Thing About Them (4:33)
  4. Their Early Years (4:57)
  5. The Touch (3:42)
  6. The Service (5:20)
  7. Confused (By What I Felt Inside) (4:39)
  8. Time (2:06)
  9. Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care (3:11)
  10. Kiss of Flesh (10:26)
  11. Pain & Pleasure / Curtains For Certain (7:00)


  • Music & Text By The Residents
  • Adapted By & Video Directed By John Sanborn
  • Performance Directed By Travis Chamberlain
  • Produced By Steve Saporito
  • Music Direction By Joshua Raoul Brody
  • Sound Design By Jake Rodriguez
  • Organized By: Ron Magliozzi, Curator
  • And Sophie Cavoulacos, Assistant Curator
  • Department Of Film, and Produced By Sean Egan, Senior Producer, Film Exhibitions and Projects
  • With Carson Parish, Theatre Manager, The Museum of Modern Art
  • Live Album Produced By Steve Saporito
  • Mixed By: Gabriel Shepard & Eric Drew Feldman
  • Mastered By: Mark Chalecki / Little Red Book Mastering
  • Recorded By: Jake Rodriguez
  • Performed By: The Residents, Joshua Raoul Brody, Nolan Cook, Eric Drew Feldman, Laurie Amat, David Norfleet, Greg Stephens, Caitlin Hicks, Heloise Rousseau
  • Featuring Jiz Lee As The Twins
  • Props By: Leigh Barbier
  • Costumes by Jamielynn Duggan
  • Cover By: Poor Know Graphics
  • Photo Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art

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