Graeme Whifler (born May 10th, 1951) is an American photographer, screenwriter and director, best known for his collaborations with The Residents and other Ralph Records artists in the 1970s and 1980s.

Whifler stopped working with Ralph Records in 1982. He continued to work in music videos and television throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, most recently writing and directing a feature film, Neighborhood Watch, in 2005.

History with The Residents

Graeme Whifler was born in San Mateo, California on May 10th, 1951.

He first worked with the group who would become The Residents during their early period as a guest on their recordings, and would later offer his directorial skills on the group's troubled film project Vileness Fats, between 1974 and 1976, also assisting the group with other photography and art projects from around this period.

Whifler also photographed the cover of the group's 1978 EP Duck Stab!, as well as directing various music videos for The Residents and their record company Ralph Records, beginning with "Hello Skinny" and an aborted clip for "Birthday Boy" in 1979, "One Minute Movies" in 1980, and continuing until 1981, co-directing the "Songs For Swinging Larvae" short film for Renaldo & The Loaf with The Residents.

He stopped working with The Residents in 1982, after he declined to direct their Mole Show live tour. Whifler continued directing music videos and television into the early 2000s, co-writing the screenplays for Sonny Boy in 1989 and Dr. Giggles in 1992. In 2005 he wrote and directed a feature film, Neighborhood Watch.

The Residents' video archive was digitized in 2015 by Don Hardy, for the documentary film Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents. Although Whifler did not participate actively in the making of this documentary, it prominently features restored clips and outtakes from his video work for the group. Whifler has since said that he feels he has not been credited appropriately for his work featured in the film.

Whifler posted new HD restorations of "Hello Skinny", "One Minute Movies" and "Songs For Swinging Larvae" on his YouTube channel in October 2019. The videos were remastered by Peter Conheim for the Cinema Preservation Alliance.


Title Year Role Notes
Hello Skinny 1979 Director
One Minute Movies 1980 Co-Director With The Residents
The Man In The Dark Sedan 1980 Director
Songs For Swinging Larvae 1981 Co-Director With The Residents
Jack the Ripper 1983 Director, Producer Secrets and Mysteries TV episode
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? 1984 Co-Director With The Residents
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes 1984 Director Music video for The Red Hot Chili Peppers
James Charles Stark 1988 Actor Episode of America's Most Wanted
Sonny Boy 1989 Writer
Remembering World War II 1989 Producer
Skeletons in the Closet 1989 Director Music video for Oingo Boingo
Dr. Giggles 1992 Writer
Ancient Prophecies 1994 Director
Action League Now! 1998-2000 Producer Segment on children's sketch series Kablam!
Ripley's Believe It or Not! 2000-2002 Director
Neighborhood Watch 2005 Writer & Director

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