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The Delta Nudes' Greatest Hiss is a compilation album by The Delta Nudes, released by The Cryptic Corporation in 2013.


The Delta Nudes' Greatest Hiss expands on the 2012 Robot Selling Device compilation album ERA B474. It includes "Sokurha", "Moonman", "Number 1" and "Overday", as well as the original version of "Baby Skeletons and Dogs" from The Warner Bros. Album, all of which had not previously been released.

An extended version was released in 2016, re-titled The Residents Present The Delta Nudes, featuring three new tracks. A digital version of Greatest Hiss was released, featuring the extended track listing.

Recording & Lineup

The earliest material from the album is from 1969, I Hear Ya Got Religion and Moonman, both recorded by Randy Rose, Hardy Fox and Roland Sheehan in their San Mateo apartment. The following year, Fox and Rose recorded an album length demo tape titled The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger, a three minute excerpt from which is presented here. This same year Jay Clem moved in with the group.

The W***** B*** Album, 1971

In spring, 1971 Fox and Rose, now joined by James Whittaker and Bob Tagney recorded a demo tape for Warner Brothers records, titled the Warner Brothers Album. For decades fans of The Residents begged for this tape to be released, and this compilation was the first appearance of any un-remixed material from the tape, Every Day I Masturbate On A Merican Fag, Baby Skeletons and Dogs, The Mad Sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany, Goodbye Lover and Maggie's Farm.

Later that same year they, now using the name Residents Uninc, were joined by Phillip Lithman and Peggy Honeydew to record a second demo tape for Warner titled B.S. Material from this tape had appeared on compilations for decades before this release, with only Deep Sea Diver Song being unreleased beforehand. King Kong and Hallowed Be Thy Ween are also from the tape. D Is For Doorknob and Party of '71 are excerpts from live performances surrounding the recording of the tape. It is possible that during this period they met Graeme Whifler, who was living in the area.

By Winter of 1972 Residents Uninc, now joined by Zeibak, Palmer Eiland and George Ewart had moved to San Francisco, where they recorded Aircraft Damage. Lithman had returned to his native England by this point.

The latest material on this album dates to January of 1973, immediately prior to the recording of Meet The Residents. By this point John Kennedy and D. Paulsen became involved in recording. Tracks from this era include Sokurha, Number 1 and Overday,

Track listing

  1. Sokurha / Quick Brain Tuedsay (Uncredited) (2:06)
  2. Moonman (1:55)
  3. Aircraft Damage (3:52)
  4. Baby Skeletons and Dogs (2:44)
  5. The Mad Sawmill (1:31)
  6. I Hear Ya Got Religion (6:26)
  7. Number 1 (2:40)
  8. Blow Blusy Balloon (3:36)
  9. The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger (2:54)
  10. Goodbye Lover (2:39)
  11. Overday (2:16)
  12. King Kong (Zappa) (4:09)
  13. Maggie's Farm (Dylan) (1:25)
  14. Party of '71 (2:59)
  15. Hallowed Be Thy Ween (14:04)

Extended Version

  1. Sokurha / Quick Brain Tuedsay (Uncredited) (2:06)
  2. Deep Sea Diver Song (4:04)
  3. Moonman (1:55)
  4. Every Day I Masturbate On A Merican Fag (1:17)
  5. Aircraft Damage (3:50)
  6. Baby Skeletons and Dogs (2:44)
  7. The Mad Sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany (1:31)
  8. I Hear Ya Got Religion (6:26)
  9. Number 1 (2:39)
  10. Blow Bluesy Balloon (3:36)
  11. The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger (2:54)
  12. Goodbye Lover (2:39)
  13. Overday (2:16)
  14. King Kong (Zappa) (4:09)
  15. Maggie's Farm (Dylan) (1:25)
  16. Party of '71 (2:59)
  17. D Is For Doorknob (3:51)
  18. Hallowed Be Thy Ween (14:04)

Liner Notes

I can try to tell you that this is not The Residents.

You won't believe me because you already know there are no Residents.

Fine, I say.

There are a lot of different people on these recordings.

No one seems to remember how many or who they were.

The recordings were made in the late 60s and early 70s.

Some of these people bonded into The Residents.

Some of them did not.

It doesn't matter.

Is this a collection of good music?

I don't know. I don't care.

The fact is that it is old hissy music, and that it seems to matter to some people.

If it matters to you, then your hands something very important, and hissy.

- Big Brother

"Hiss is also a sound, what's the big deal?"

- The Delta Nudes

The Delta Nudes were short lived, but managed to rack up an impressive, (if uncredited) collection of recordings.

They are best known for:

Here we have selected their best hissy recordings from these representative released as well as a few rarely heard scratchy noises.


These recordings are very old and may contain a great deal of extraneous noise.


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