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The Hacienda Bridge newsletter (also known briefly as "up") was a periodical newsletter written by Hardy Fox in order to promote releases by his publishing company of the same name and to share anecdotes of his history (and that of Charles Bobuck) with The Residents.

The newsletter began in October 2016 and ended two years later with the announcement of Fox's death from glioblastoma on October 30th, 2018.

It is notable for serializing Fox's novella "The Stone" in issues 12 through 25. This novella became infamous due to its concluding chapter, in which Fox unambiguously reveals his role as Charles Bobuck, and therefore the primary composer and arranger for The Residents since their beginning.


Originally sent to mailing list subscribers on or around the first and fifteenth day of every month beginning in October 2016 after the retirement of Charles Bobuck and Hardy Fox and establishment of their new music publishing company, Hacienda Bridge, the Hacienda Bridge newsletter ultimately revealed many previously unknown details about the history of The Residents, as witnessed through the eyes of their long-time composer, producer and manager Hardy Fox.

The newsletters ended their usual twice per month regularity after the 25th issue (and the newsletter's one year anniversary), which included the final chapter of "The Stone", revealing the true identity of Bobuck (and thus the primary composer and arranger for The Residents throughout their existence) to be Fox himself. After this, the newsletters abandoned the Hacienda Bridge branding and number system, briefly being retitled "up" and becoming largely a platform for Fox to promote new musical releases (under his own name). 

The newsletter concluded with two short entries simply titled "morning", including a final missive from Fox in the last month of his life, and concluding with one last newsletter announcing his death on October 30th 2018. Only issues #15 onwards remain archived on Mailchimp (still accessible via the Hacienda Bridge website).


Hacienda Bridge (2016 - 2017)

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