"Happy Home (Excerpt From Act II of ”Innisfree”)" is a song by The Residents, released in 1982 on their album The Tunes of Two Cities. The melody and lyrics of the song are a recurring motif throughout the group's Mole Trilogy.

The album version and live versions from the 1982-1983 Mole Show tour all feature the group's friend and collaborator Nessie Lessons on lead vocals.


"Happy Home" was composed by The Residents in 1981, with its lyrics and melody first appearing as part of "Voices of the Air", the opening track to Mark of the Mole., the first in the group's Mole Trilogy. In 1982, the complete song was recorded and released by the group, as the closing track to The Tunes of Two Cities, the second album (of a planned six) in the trilogy. They made several rehearsal recordings of "Happy Home" in 1982 in preparation for their 1982-1983 Mole Show touring performance, which ultimately featured the song as the finale to the show (featuring guest vocalist Nessie Lessons, long-time friend of The Residents and former wife of their producer Hardy Fox). The Residents recorded an instrumental variation of "Happy Home" around 1990 when briefly revisiting themes from the trilogy. No completed work would result from these sessions, however segments would eventually see release on the Robot Selling Device EP Mole Suite in 2011.

The Residents revisited "Happy Home" again in 1992, using the lyrics in "Mr. Lonely" on their 20th anniversary mash-up album Our Finest Flowers.


On The Tunes of Two Cities, "Happy Home" is given the explanatory subtitle "Excerpt From Act II of 'Innisfree'", although no further information about "Innisfree" is given.


People must be left alone
Unless they have a happy home
People must be left alone
Unless they have a happy home


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