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Hardy Fox (also known as Heart) is the debut solo release by composer and producer Hardy Fox (under his birth name). It was released on 14th February 2018 via Klanggalerie.


Featuring a more delicate and melodic style than heard on much of his prior work under the guises of The Residents and Charles Bobuck, Hardy Fox is a concept album dedicated to love and reflecting memories of the author's life, as described by Fox himself in the liner notes:

"The intensity of love always takes me back to my youth when all was new and strange. Each element that drove sexual exploits had to be explored, considered and digested. 

Now older, I turn memories into music. 

One from the heart."

The album was first released on Klanggalerie (whose founder Walter Robotka co-produced the album with Fox) on Valentine's Day 2018, and was reissued following Fox's death from cancer by Secret Records in 2019 as a limited edition colored vinyl, and on CD by Klanggalerie with alternative cover art.

Track listing

  1. A Song About You (2:09)
  2. The Bather (2:52)
  3. Broken Hurt (5:02)
  4. The Band Plays On (2:05)
  5. Light Of Day (2:45)
  6. Mess (2:27)
  7. Leg (3:04)
  8. Christ (4:06)
  9. Rather B U (3:11)
  10. Name (2:30)
  11. Talking To You (3:27)
  12. South (3:25)
  13. Walks In The Sand (3:26)
  14. Yogurt (2:31)

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