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"Holy Kiss Of Flesh" is a single by The Residents, released in 1988 on Rykodisc.


It was issued on 3" mini CD, similar to the "Double Shot" EP. It can be seen as the lead single from God In Three Persons, despite not being from the album. It retells the album's story in 16 minutes, using Kiss of Flesh as its main basis, transforming the song into a hip new dancable beat. Similar to Diskomo, or Kaw-Liga.

On the single's fifth anniversary, it was re-released by Euro Ralph in a shortened (14:15) and remixed form. This remix was later featured in the 1994 Freak Show Box-Set. A third edit of the single was released on the 4 disc box-set '80 Aching Orphans' this version cut the song down to 8:03. The full version of the song was unavailable for 31 years, until it was included on the God In Three Persons pREServed set. The shortest edit of the song is 0:32, and was included on the Twenty Twisted Questions home movie in 1992.

Track listing

  1. Holy Kiss Of Flesh (16:09)


Release History

Year Label Format Region Note
1988 Rykodisc MiniCD US
1992 The Voyager Company/Ralph Records Laserdisc 32 Second edit. As part of Twenty Twisted Questions video.
1993 Euro Ralph VHS EU
MiniCD 14 Minute Edit
1994 14 Minute Edit. As part of Freak Show Digi Deluxe Box
14 Minute Edit. As part of Freak Show Standard Box
2017 New Ralph Too, Cherry Red, MVD Audio CD US, EU 8 Minute Edit. Part of 80 Aching Orphans box set.
2019 As part of God In Three Persons pREServed set.

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