"I Am A Resident! Theme" is a novelty 12" vinyl single by The Residents, released in 2018 to some of the contributors to their 2017 I Am A Resident! PledgeMusic campaign.

The release is physically divided into three pieces, which were separately issued in thin clear plastic bags and intended to be put together as a 12" record, forming the image of an eyeball of 12" diameter.

The single includes three tracks not featured on the I Am A Resident! album.

History Edit

This limited release was part of The Residents' I Am A Resident! PledgeMusic campaign between September and December of 2017, and consists of The Residents' I Am A Resident! theme song and two cover versions of Residents songs provided by the winners of the I Am A Resident! fan submission contest.

This release features: - a 15 cm (appr. 6") black centerpiece, containing The Residents' "I Am A Resident! Theme" - a hand-painted middle ring (known colors are blue, green, red and brown), containing "Demons Dance Alone", covered by A Vast Fusion of Nice People - a white outer ring with printed red veins, containing Pure Liquid Light's YouTube cover version of "Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life

The record can't be played in sequence, because the parts (center piece, middle ring, outer ring) each have their own start grooves and locked runout grooves. The track positions above represent the traditional groove direction of a 12" recording, from edge to most inner track. 

There is no accompanying artwork or any written info with this single.

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  1. Pure Liquid Light - Youtube Plays The Beatles Play Beyond The Valley of a Day in the Life
  2. A Vast Fusion of Nice People - Demons Dance Alone
  3. The Residents - I Am A Resident! Theme

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