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"I Hear Ya Got Religion" is one of the earliest known tracks by the group who would later become known as The Residents. It was recorded in 1969 at their apartment in San Mateo, California.


Said to be the earliest surviving track recorded by the group who later became The Residents, "I Hear Ya Got Religion" was first recorded in 1969 at the group's apartment in San Mateo.

After having been completely unknown to the public for decades after its recording, it was released by The Residents on a number of compilations, beginning with in 2000 in a significantly shortened edit. The full six-minute take was then released on ERA B474 in 2012.

Another recording of "I Hear Ya Got Religion" has circulated among fans. This alternate take also features a snippet of another, otherwise unheard "Delta Nudes" original, the title of which is unconfirmed but which is similar to the song "Bo Diddley" from Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor.


I hear you got religion
I hear you can knock it out
I hear you got religion
I heard it from God's eye
And God came up and told me
Just what you do today
And God came up and he told me
You're right in every way
Sure can't miss on God's side
With God you cannot go wrong
In and out he needs you
Your help, for God is lost
For your help he needs you
You'll get that greener grass
For your help he saves you
Your dick is up God's ass



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