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Disambiguation-sml.png This article is about the 2001 live tour.
You may be looking for the 2001 DVD release, its soundtrack album, or the 2009 live DVD of the same name.

Icky Flix Live was a world tour by The Residents, in promotion of the release of their retrospective DVD video compilation Icky Flix.

The tour began in February 2001 in Virginia, and concluded in San Francisco on Halloween after 44 shows across the United States, Canada and Europe.

The tour was followed by the release of a DVD documenting the March 30th show in 2009, and an album featuring a recording of the penultimate show followed in 2010.


The show ran began on the 13th of February 2001, and concluded Halloween of that same year. The show heavily relied on Video Projections, like the Disfigured Night Show.

The structure of the show revolved around the Residents performing in sync with one of their music videos, which would play on a large screen above the stage.

It featured the same Resident outfits featured in the Disfigured Night Show., with the addition of a new and improved Mr. Skull mask. Singer Molly Harvey wore a pink wig and sunglasses.

Set list

Act One

  • Icky Flix
  • March De La Winni
  • Swastikas On Parade (Abridged)
  • Harry The Head
  • Spratt’s Medium
  • Lime Jelly Grass
  • Melvyn’s Repose
  • Kick A Picnic
  • The Service (Abridged, Our Finest Flowers version)
  • Hello Skinny
  • It's A Man's Man's Man's World
  • Bad Day On The Midway
  • Where Is She? (Extended, Icky Flix Version)

Act Two

  • Constantinople
  • Moisture
  • Act Of Being Polite
  • Perfect Love
  • Simple Song
  • The Weaver (Abridged, Icky Flix Version)
  • The Dying Oil-Man (Abridged, Icky Flix Version)
  • The Sold Out Artist (Abridged, Icky Flix Version)
  • The Aging Musician (Abridged, Icky Flix Version)
  • The Old Woman (Abridged, Icky Flix Version)
  • Burn Baby Burn
  • Stars & Stripes Forever
  • Just For You


  • Buckaroo Blues
  • Blue Rosebuds
  • Benny The Bouncing Bump (Extended Version)
  • Nobody Laughs When They Leave (Abridged Version)
  • Icky Flix (Reprise)



  • March 30th: Icky Flix Live, the only full concert from the tour released. A concert film featuring the entire unedited show, interission included.
  • London: Excerpts from a live recording from London, England, have apperaed on several pREServed box sets. The date is unknown.
  • October 28th: This show has only been released in excerpts, with the most complete release being Brava. Other recordings from the show have appeared on the special edition of Freak Show and Kettles of Fish on the Ourskirts of Town, which also includes video footage from the concert
  • ???: A recording of Benny recorded on an unknown date was released on Loss of The Lizard Lady.


First leg

  • 13th February, State Theater, Falls Church, Virginia
  • 14th February, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 15th February, The Beacon Theater, New York City, New York
  • 17th February, Berklee Performance Centre, Boston, Massachusetts
  • 18th February, Higher Ground, Winooski, Vermont
  • 19th February, Le Spectrum, Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • 20th February, Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 21st February, Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • 22nd February, Orpheum Theater, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 23rd February, Congress Center, Chicago, Illinois

Second leg

Third leg

  • 25th May, UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, California
  • 26th May, Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, California
  • 4th June, Freizeitpark, Moers, Germany
  • 6th June, L'Usine, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 7th June, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 8th June, Hof ter Lo, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 9th June, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, England

Fourth leg

  • 6th September, Szene, Vienna, Austria
  • 8th September, Shestnadzat Tonn Club, Moscow, Russia
  • 9th September, Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland
  • 10th September, Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
  • 11th September, Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany
    • NOTE: After the September 11 Attacks the group decide to make this the last leg of the tour, the setlist underwent several changes, for example the removal of Swastikas On Parade.
  • 12th September, PC 69, Bielefeld, Germany
  • 14th September, Royal Festival Hall, London, England
  • 15th September, 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • 16th September, E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
  • 18th September, Posthof, Linz, Austria
  • 19th September, Tvornica, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia
  • 20th September, Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany
  • 21st September, Teatro delle Celebrazioni, Bologna, Italy
  • 23rd September, Rote Fabrik, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 24th September, Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 26th September, Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France
  • 27th September, Rock School Barbey, Bordeaux, France
  • 29th September, Grande Auditório da Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 30th September, Grande Auditório da Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 25th October, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, California
  • 26th October, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, California
  • 27th October, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, California
  • 28th October, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, California
  • 31st October, Brava Theatre, San Francisco, California

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