Intruders is an album by The Residents, released via MVD Audio, Cherry Red and Psychofon Records on October 19th 2018.

Intruders is a concept album focusing on "the unseen and the uncontrollable spirits stuck in the seams of our minds".[1]

History Edit

Intruders was first announced in 2017 following the release of The Ghost of Hope and at the beginning of their In Between Dreams tour, as well as another, blues-influenced album with the working title Dyin' Dog.

The album was recorded intermittently by the group with the earliest demos being recorded in 2012. It features contributions from long-time collaborators Carla Fabrizio, Nolan Cook, and Eric Drew Feldman, as well as Laurie Hall, Peter Whitehead and Sivan Lioncub.

Despite parts of the album pre-dating the retirement of Charles Bobuck and Hardy Fox from The Residents, it has not been confirmed by The Cryptic Corporation if contributions from either feature on the final product. Fox passed away on October 30th, 2018 (eleven days after the release of Intruders) following a brief illness.

Concept Edit

The concept of Intruders is described by the Cryptics as follows:

"...inspired by the persistence of obsession, 'Intruders' are seen as alternate beings stalking the corners of our consciousness. The album's original songs all pivot around the unseen and the uncontrollable spirits stuck in the seams of our minds. Whether it's ghosts, angels, aliens, ex-lovers or an angry old woman with a bittersweet smile, we never know who or what will wedge itself into the darker recesses of our minds. Hated, loved, or merely tolerated, we all have Intruders."

Release Edit

Simultaneous with the album's release on October 19th 2018, an animated music video for "Voodoo Doll", echoing the album's cover art, was uploaded to YouTube, and a limited 7" single was released by Psychofon Records which includes a non-album track entitled "The Intruder" and a demo version of "Voodoo Doll".

Track listing Edit

  1. Bobbie's Burning Blues (5:13)
  2. Voodoo Doll (2:58)
  3. The Scarecrow (5:45)
  4. Frank's Lament (3:40)
  5. Missing Me (2:43)
  6. Still Needy? (6:49)
  7. The Other (3:03)
  8. Good Vibes (5:09)
  9. Endless & Deep (3:31)
  10. Running Away (3:34)
  11. Shadows (5:51)

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