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Kaw-Liga (Housey Mix) is the title of a single and EP released by The Residents & The Moody Boys in early 1989. It is the third in a series of different mixes of Kaw-Liga released as singles.


Kaw-Liga was recorded for The Residents' Stars & Hank Forever album. It is a cover of a song written by Hank Williams and Fred Rose. Kaw-Liga was the only single to be released from that album, and somehow, it attracted the attention of Dutch DJs Michiel Kleiss & Mikel Le Roy. They remixed Kaw-Liga into a 9 minute long dance-able club tune. Torso, The Residents' European record label released this remix on an EP called Kaw-Liga Dancemix. Kaw-Liga DanceMix proved to be very popular in the Dutch club scene.

Flash forward three years, and Torso commission up and coming artist The Moody Boys to create three new remixes of Kaw-Liga to capitalize off the House Music craze. The results were not as popular as the original Dance-Mix, but it was still well received.

Torso released the mixes as a single (On 7") and an EP (on CD & 12"), the singe contained the Housey Mix, and The Stripped Mix, both edited down to be 4 minutes long. The EP version features three 5 minute long remixes, the Housey Mix, The Stripped Mix, and the exclusive Nightmare Mix.

Both the EP and single were included as part of the 1994 In Memoriam Torso box-set. That same year, the EP was included in the Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain compilation album.

Track Listing

All Tracks Written by Hank Williams & Fred Rose

EP Version

  1. The Housey Mix (5:18)
  2. The Stripped Mix (5:24)
  3. Nightmare Mix II (5:05)

Single Version

  1. The Housey Mix (3:34)
  2. The Stripped Mix (4:15)


  • Remixed by: The Moody Boys
  • Written by: Williams/Rose
  • Package Design by: Rex Ray

Release History

Year Label Format Region Notes
1989 Torso 7" Holland Single Version
12" EP Version
1994 Euro Ralph 12" + 7" Europe As part of 'In Memoriam Torso' box-set
CD As part of 'Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain' compilation album