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Klanggalerie is an Austrian record label, founded in 1997 as a follow up to Syntactic. The company has been operated since its inception by Walter Robotka.

Klanggalerie has reissued a number of works by The Residents, as well as releases by Charles Bobuck, Hardy Fox, and former Ralph Records stablemates Renaldo & the Loaf, Fred Frith, Helios Creed, Snakefinger, and Schwump.

The labels first Residents release was 'Title In Limbo' which was released as part of their series of Renaldo & The Loaf reissues.

Klanggalerie can be seen as a spiritual successor to Ralph America, which was a label that focused on obscure Residents material mostly for fans.

List of Residents related releases.

Year Artist Release Cat No
2014 The Residents & Renaldo And The Loaf Title In Limbo gg200
2015 The Residents Feat. Snakefinger Live In The USA - 13th Anniversary Show gg204
The Residents The Snakey Wake gg208
Charles Bobuck What Was Left Of Grandpa gg209
The Residents Strange Culture / The Rivers Of Hades / Haeckel's Tale  gg215
2016 Various From Vienna With Love gg211
Charles Bobuck THIS gg216
Snakefinger Chewing Hides The Sound gg220
The Residents Daydream B-Liver gg222
Snakefinger Greener Postures gg225
Charles Bobuck Bobuck Plays The Residents gg227
The Swords Of Slidell - OST gg228
Later Tonight gg229
The Delta Nudes The Residents Present The Delta Nudes gg231
The Residents Disfigured Night gg235
Charles Bobuck Missing Soldiers - The Favorite Songs Of Clara Barton gg236
2017 The Residents & Renaldo & The Loaf Title In Limbo + 4 Daze gg200-2
Snakefinger Manual of Errors gg239
Bobuck Eggs For Breakfast gg240
The Residents Dot.Com gg241
Bobuck Clank Clank Clank gg245
Nineteen-Sixty-Seven gg248
The Residents I Murdered Mommy! gg257
Bobuck Egg Booty gg261
2018 Hardy Fox & Fred Frith A Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven And Earth gg264
Hardy Fox Hardy Fox gg271
The Residents RMX gg274
Hardy Fox Nachtzug gg276
Rilla Contemplates Love gg294
2019 The 180 Gs Commercial Album gg296
The Darkening Scale Stuck Bad gg297
Hardy Fox 25 Minus Minutes gg299
Various The Godfather Of Odd - A Hardy Fox Tribute gg300
The Residents PAL TV LP gg307
Black Tar And The Cry Babies Black Tar And The Cry Babies gg311
The Residents Refused gg314
2020 Už Jsme Doma & Randy Moravian Meeting gg328
Hardy Fox Killing Time gg329
The Residents Eyeful gg336

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