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Leftovers Again?! is a compilation album by The Residents, released by Cherry Red Records, MVD Audio and New Ralph Too on June 12th 2021.

The album is a limited edition Record Store Day vinyl release, as part of the group's ongoing pREServed series of remastered and expanded reissues. It contains previously unreleased "multi-track explorations", as well as rarities, alternate versions of songs such as "Satisfaction", and "historical artifacts" such as a seven-and-a-half minute "concentrate" of the group's unreleased 1970 demo tape Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor.

The compilation also precedes an anticipated mail-order vinyl release series containing further outtakes and historical curiosities, which is expected to begin at an unconfirmed time in the near future.


The album's contents range entirely within the 1970s, and contains one of the group's earliest recordings, Rusty Concentrate which was recorded in the summer of 1970. The album also features early mixes of released songs, subtitled RDX.

Track listing

All songs written by The Residents except where noted.

Side A

  1. Rusty Concentrate (7:23)
  2. Whoopy Snorp RDX (4:16)
  3. What? (1:02)
  4. The Idiot Bastard Son of 'What?' (1:09)
  5. Primal Satisfaction (Jagger/Richards) (3:56)
  6. A Visit From Barry (2:55)

Side B

  1. Loser ≅ Weed RDX (1:44)
  2. Satisfaction RDX (Jagger/Richards) (2:29)
  3. Ow Bout That (Vocal) (1:28)
  4. Mourning Glories RDX (2:49)
  5. Eight Thumbs To Hold You (2:35)
  6. Crumbling Mountain Sketch (4:39)
  7. We're A Happy Family RDX (D.Ramone/J.Ramone/T.Ramone/J.Ramone) (1:05)
  8. Piano Fragment 3 (1:16)
  9. Shut Up RDX (1:10)
  10. Cosmetics For Reality (Vocal) (1:08)


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Rustycoathangers-painting-transparent-sml.png Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor

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Side B
"Improvisation" · "Bringing in the Sheaves" · "Satisfaction" / "When Johnny Comes Marching" · "Let It Be" · "Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor" (reprise) · "Bo Diddley" · "Yesterday"

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