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Lionel Bob (usually referred to simply as "Bob") is a character portrayed by The Residents' guitarist during their 2010 - 2016 Randy, Chuck, & Bob Live Shows.


Lionely Bob was the least developed character of the Randy, Chuck & Bob trilogy. Whilst Randy was a somewhat fleshed out character from the start, and Bobuck later saw development through written work, Bob remained nothing more than the silent guitarist, with Randy even saying 'No one knows what the fuck Bob does!' during the Wonder of Weird show. The character was retired following the conclusion of the Shadowland tour in 2016, and was replaced by Eekie

Bob is all but confirmed to be a pseudonym for Nolan Cook, who was the credited guitarist on Randy, Chuck & Bob live albums 'Talking Light: Bimbo's' & 'Shadowland'

Fictional History

Lionel Bob joined The Residents some decades following the creation of the band, possibly during the late 1990s. His identity was revealed as part of the group's Talking Light tour in 2010 along with the other members of the group. He later appeared as guitarist for The Residents' side project Sonidos de la Noche with Bobuck and Carlos, releasing the album Coochie Brake in 2011. He also appeared on The Residents album Lonely Teenager earlier that year. Bob continued as guitarist with The Residents through their next two tours, The Wonder of Weird in 2014 and Shadowland in 2016.

He was fired from the group (alongside Rose) during the line-up change following the conclusion of the Shadowland tour in 2017. The current guitarist for The Residents is Eekie, who appeared with the group on their In Between Dreams tour.

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