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Over their course of their career, The Residents have used a large number of aliases in addition to their usual veil of obscurity.

The following is a list of known and possible aliases which have been used by The Residents.

Confirmed aliases

The Pre-Residents (1965-1973)

The Residents (1974-present)

Individual members of The Residents

The Singing Resident

Hardy Fox

Keyboard players

  • Rico (2016)
  • Erkie (2017-2019)



  • Carlos (????-2011)
  • Cha Cha (2017-2019)

Individual Residents songwriting credits

  • Wanda Play (1972)
  • Della Gnue (1972)
  • M. Givens (1972)
  • B. Barnes (1972)
  • C. America (1972)

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