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Lizard Lady is a song from The Residents' Buster & Glen EP.


This song was recorded with Snakefinger in 1978 for inclusion on the never released Buster & Glen EP, which evolved into the Duck Stab LP. It was first performed live as the opening song during the 13th Anniversary Show from 1985 to 1987. This live version features a new intro, a slower tempo, and a shorter solos.

Lizard Lady wouldn't be performed again for another ten years, when it was revived for the 1997 Adobe Disfigured Night performance, this version features Molly Harvey singing the lady's rant. The 1997 version is significantly slower, and feature a new intro as well as outro. The next performance would be for the 33rd Anniversary Show, which was modeled heavily after the 13th Anniversary Show, and as such features Lizard Lady as the opening track. This version is the inverse of the Adobe version, in that it features Molly Harvey singing the first part of the song, and The Singing Resident taking over the ending rant.

In February of 2011 the song was re-recorded for the Lonely Teenager album, being one of the few songs on that album not originating from the Talking Light tour. The song was then subsequently added to the tour on its fourth and final leg.

Ten years later, the track was featured as the opening song from The Residents' Duck Stab Alive TV special. Subsequently, it was featured in the September 2021 Dog Stab performances[1].


What's a woman going to do
But throw away her bread;
Her feet are feeling funny
As she lies beneath the bed;
She reminisces of the pungent Adriatic Sea,
And then she crawls and counts her cans
And twitches like a flea.

The Residents - Talking Light-The Residents perform Lizard Lady, 2011

What she really likes to do
Is sit upon a pew,
And make believe that time has stopped
And motionless is new;
Planes are stranded in the sky
And drains are stopping, too,
And she alone is laughing under
Eyelids full of flu.
She scurries hurries worries that
The wicked will receive
Their candy from a handsome man
And coffee from a thief;
She gazes at a hourglass and
Asks it if it cares,
And then she wonders if the lizard
Likes his lettuce rare.
"Lizard, yes a lizard, little lizard of the sea,
Conspicuously alcoholic, flicks his tongue at me!
Release me lizard! Licking lizard,
blizzard of the bea,
Mushed inside a sock you still
dare me --- to die
Dare me to die --- at home..."
Coating all my lungs with honey,
Sticky coating running runny,
Feet of lizard fly!
And stop and fly and stop and fly
And flicker tongue is licking out
To find me --- feel me. Hide!
Hide from the tongue!
The tongue is coming! Cruising! Oozing!
Over land and under ashes,
In the sunlight, see -- it flashes,
Find a fly and eat his eye,
But don't believe in me.
Don't believe in me.
Don't believe in me.


Original Version



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