Lonely Teenager is a 2011 studio album by The Residents, featuring songs performed on the Talking Light tour, as well as other tracks which were considered for the tour, but ultimately rejected.

History Edit

The Residents originally conceived their Talking Light tour as a break from the routine of recording an album and then touring in support of it, choosing instead to design a show in which they could play whatever they wanted without a strictly determined set list.

After around forty performances of Talking Light, The Residents began to wonder what a corresponding album would sound like, which ultimately led to the recording of Lonely Teenager - the "studio album which might have been", credited to the Randy, Chuck, Bob and Carlos lineup of the group (also featuring special guests N. Cook and G. Lawlor).

Track listing Edit

  1. Six More Miles (8:38)
  2. My Window (4:19)
  3. The Unseen Sister (7:56)
  4. The Lizard Lady (3:05)
  5. The Sleepwalker (3:34)
  6. The Old Woman (6:45)
  7. Boxes of Armageddon (3:34)
  8. Talking Light (9:50)

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