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This page details the user rules for Meet The Residents Wiki.

Though we appreciate and value the contributions of all who join our community, all users of Meet The Residents Wiki are expected to follow the listed rules on this page when editing or otherwise associating themselves with the wiki.

It is important to note that violations of these rules, or more broadly of the Fandom Terms of Use, may result in a user being banned or otherwise limited in their use of the wiki. Any punitive measures taken against users who breach these rules will be applied at the discretion of the wiki's administrators and content moderators.

List of rules

  1. Please do not "reveal" identities of current or former members of The Residents where irrelevant to the wiki or unconfirmed by official parties. The only member of The Residents who has publicly revealed their involvement in the group is the late Hardy Fox. Members of The Cryptic Corporation who have stated that they are not members of The Residents, such as Homer Flynn, should be referred to by their proper job titles.
  2. Please do not make unconstructive/bad faith edits or vandalism on articles. It doesn't impress anyone, least of all the administrators and moderators of the wiki, and it's probably not as funny as you think it is anyway. Repeated instances will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Please ensure you use an unbiased and encyclopedic tone wherever possible, and avoid personal opinion or conjecture when editing wiki articles. This will result in the wiki becoming a more reliable and accurate source for all of us; although given the nature of the subject this will be cloudy even at best, citable facts are still preferable in every instance to second, third or fourth-hand rumors and conjecture or presumption.
  4. Please supply well-cited and substantiated references wherever possible. This validates the wiki's statements and contents, and also provides many references points to relevant, interesting or pertinent material for readers and for other wiki contributors. Where possible, please ensure that online contents are accurately linked for ease of use.
  5. Please do not directly link to bootleg/unofficially uploaded streaming material by The Residents. This includes any links to streaming material by The Residents (such as YouTube videos) which were not officially uploaded by The Residents or their associates. Links to official YouTube videos, material posted by organizations directly associated with The Residents/The Cryptic Corporation (such as record labels and museums), and external music streaming services (ie. Spotify and Apple Music) are allowed and encouraged. (We'd like to make the group money, if we can.) Links to other pseudo-official material (such as fan-made submissions for I Am A Resident! campaigns) will also be allowed for purposes of historical context.
  6. Please avoid directly linking to the personal social media pages of figures mentioned on the wiki without their express permission. While referring to posts on social media (such as those in public Facebook groups such as "The Residents") is acceptable as these can occasionally be tantamount to public statements from notable figures, please be mindful of the personal privacy of the figures involved, and do not link directly to personal social media accounts in references or elsewhere on the wiki unless you have express permission to do so.
  7. If you are the subject of an article on the wiki and also a registered contributor, please be aware that this will be noted both on your article and user page. In the interest of transparency and objectivity, this policy is mandatory. Articles where the subject is also a contributing user to this wiki may be locked for editing at the discretion of administrators, to ensure that only relevant and pertinent information is included in the wiki. Your user page will also be included in the "external links and references" section of your article, so that readers can view contributions you have made to the wiki. We also have "tophat" boxes for both the articles and user pages - feel free to wear these as a badge of honor!
  8. If you are the subject of a locked article on the wiki and are not happy with what has been written, please reach out to us and we can work something out. It is very likely we will be happy to take steps to accommodate you while also maintaining our editorial standards - we're not here to step on anybody's toes. Just get in touch with the wiki's administrators ImaginaryJacques and Cosmichobo1 either via our individual user pages, or by joining the wiki's dedicated Discord server.
  9. Any form of harassment of other wiki users, or of figures related to The Residents, Ralph Records or related entities, will result in a permanent block. This especially includes the use of abusive and/or hateful language directed at any individual or group.

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