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Mark of the Mole is an incomplete and unreleased video game for the Atari 2600, based on the album of the same name by The Residents.

Designed for Atari by Greg Easter around 1983, the game was never completed, but marks the first instance of The Residents' interest in video games and interactive media.


Greg Easter described Mark of the Mole's premise thus:

"First a line of music plays (one of the songs from The Residents' Mark of the Mole record) - you are a mole with a hammer who travels down into a cave and taps on walls with a hammer. Different parts of the cave make different musical notes, and when you find the next note you need to complete the line of music which was just played. You are building a song note by note, and you have to remember the tone of the next note you need in order to get it right. Each time you play the caves are different, so you can't just remember where to go. The game actually teaches you what is called 'perfect pitch' in music - the ability to hear notes and know where they are on the staff."

Graphics were designed by Mimi Nyden, based on the album's art by Porno Graphics. Easter estimates the game was about 75% complete when he left Atari. At least two prototypes of the game are known to have existed. An early prototype was given to The Residents, and a later version was kept by Easter. The later, more-developed prototype also featured the Chubs implemented into the game as antagonists, and included a "pitch only" option.

A small section of footage from the game was featured in a 1983 Atari marketing tape, but the game did not come close enough to completion for it to have been assigned a CX serial number.

Easter auctioned all materials related to the development of this game, including original sheet music provided by The Residents, on eBay in 2008.

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Screenshot from the prototype